What does Stranger Things Season 4 hold for Natalia Dyer & Charlie Heaton’s on-screen pairing?


    Stranger Things stars Natalia Dyer, and Charlie Heaton’s in-real-life relationship has only become a matter of public domain with both actors’ consent in recent months, though one that quickly stole fans’ hearts all around the world.

    The couple is the subject of a panoply of headlines, rumors, and speculation in the press every week, and their romantic getaways the lifeblood of social media observers incessantly.

    This gives birth to the question; will their characters imitate life and take cues from the much-publicized relationship?

    Of course, their characters Nancy Wheeler and Jonathan Byers have been entangled in a romantic back-and-forth since the second season of Stranger Things, when they shared a lip-lock, and this was further expounded upon in the recently released Season Three, though perhaps nearly not as much as fans would’ve hoped for – and it appears that there might not be much more time to do so.

    Credit: Netflix

    Speaking about the series’ future last year, Stranger Things creators the Duffer Brothers had mentioned how, although they’d mapped Seasons Three and Four, they weren’t exactly sure where the series would be headed, if at all, stating that they were open to a concluding season as soon as it felt natural, regardless of the monetary benefits that would be potentially squandered in such a process.

    As such, conjecture will certainly be abounded no matter the assurances the higher-ups at Netflix might issue over coming years and speculation about just what the plot might entail for Season Four rife.

    Though it does seem certain the series’ legions of devotees won’t let up on their demands for more of Natalia and Charlie’s on-screen pairing anytime soon and given how Netflix is accustomed to acquiescing to fan demand, it might just play out the way everyone desires.