What! Taika Waititi Troll haters over their criticism on the upcoming film Thor:love and thunder


    A good dose of Humor can surely show the intellect of a person. Wit and humor topped with a little mixture of sarcasm can bring the ball to your court and can definitely shun the haters. Guess what! Film maker Taika Waititi exactly went with the same strategy and shunned the mouth of the haters with his reply.

    In a recently held Marvel Studio Hall H presentation at San Diego, While revealing the details of  Phase 4 of Marvel Films, it was said that Waititi’s upcoming film Thor:Love and Thunder is part of it. Few revelations did create a spur among the fans of this cult franchise. Makers confirmed that Natalie Portman’s  Jane Foster would return in this upcoming sequel. She will Transform into God of Thunder herself. Adding further the team also confirmed that Thompson’s Valkyrie will be MCU’s first LGBTQ+ superhero.

    With these revelations to maker’s dismay a bridge has already been created. Some are welcoming the “newness” while other’s are staunchly criticizing it. To one of the tweets where a fan showed his sadness over the announcement, the film maker replied with an honest witty answer. Replying to the fan he said, a fan can’t decide what he wants from the film until the maker gives the film to him.

    Waititi responded to another tweet where the fan vehemently asked the maker to not make the film as the film will be ruined if the feminist values and LGBTQ+ ideologies are put into it. In a witty Reply he wrote “Back to bed Bubba… I mean it this time..” Sarcasm and wit is all you need to maintain a concord, and Waititi has abided by that rule.

    Thor: love and Thunder is all set to hit the theaters on November 5th, 2021. Thor: Ragnarok directed by Waititi himself was a huge success. The humorous take on God of Thunder was hugely appreciated by the masses and the critics.