What the “I know what you did Last Summer” singers did This Summer!- Shawn Mendes and Camilia Cabello at Miami


    The heartthrob and dream-boy for all girls, Shawn Mendes, and the gorgeous, Camila Cabello have recently been buzzing in all news reports. Finally, the duo has given heat to the fumes and taken their friendship and musical relationship to the next level, and the fans cannot be more joyous!

    After the release of the trending ‘Senorita’, the streaming music video suggested that there could be more than friendship between the two!


    Their first music collaboration released in November 2015, as a single titled- “I know what you did Last Summer”.

    In 2017, they posted a cover for Ed Sheeran’s ‘Kiss Me’. The black and white video had more than 3.5 million views in a year!

    The chemistry between the Stitches singer and Havana Singer was more than noticeable in Tampa over the weekend. The couple has been all over paparazzi and entertainment new after the video of their passionate make-out in the waters of Miami.

    In the photos that have been making rounds, Camila is flaunting a perfect figure in a white one-piece, best for a summer beach outing. On the other hand, Mendes is showing off his well-built body and six-packs. What more can the fans ask for?

    Though they’ve always been private about their relationship, the public display of affection has hushed all rumors of fake romance only to gain attention. However, they haven’t confirmed any news regarding the same on their social media accounts.

    Currently, Camila Cabello is has been accompanying Shawn Mendes on his tour. Mendes has performed in Tamba and Miami and is now scheduled to perform in Orlando. It has been reported on a few sites that 22-year-old, Camila’s parents are also spending time with the duo.

    Maybe, now everyone one knows what they did this summer.