What to expect in The Supergirl- Season 5?


    The super-heroine, Superman’s cousin and last of the surviving Kryptonians, the ‘Supergirl’, is the third series, continuing with other television series of the franchise- Arrow and Flash. Melissa Benoist stars the protagonist of the show playing the character of Kara Danvers.

    The science-fiction thriller series, ‘Supergirl’ has successfully run four seasons. The finale episode, of season four- The Quest for Peace aired in May 2019. The twenty second episode came to an end with a fight between Kara and the Red Daughter. Lex’s evil intentions not only included alien genocide but also capturing of the Supergirl.

    When Floriana Lima (playing Maggie Swayer), left the show in Season 3, Chyler Leigh (playing Alex Danver) was left without a love interest. It is now expected that Kelly Olsen will star his affinity in season 5.

    One of the more practical minded characters of the series, Brainiac, went on an emotional roller coaster in Season 4, after he realised that his love for Dreamer (played by Nicole Maines). He even accidentally released the devil Brainiac programme. Now, will Season 5 show some romance between the two? Or will there be another set of twists of insecurities and vulnerabilities getting the better of him?

    Another relationship that has left the fans wondering is the one between Lena and Kara. Since Lena has discovered that Kara had been lying to her all this while, will their friendship remain intact? Or will she seek revenge, turning evil like Lex?

    There was also a mention of Leviathan in the closing scenes of Season four. In the comics, it is an organisation run by criminals, but how will it be portrayed in the upcoming season?

    Some sites have reported that the theme of Season 5 will be ‘Technology’ and how it has fabricated the entire human race.

    There are also talks about the appearance of the villain Midnight, the physical manifestation of darkness. This role will be played by Jennifer Cheon Garcia.
    In all probability, The Supergirl- Season 5, will return with new episodes in October of 2019.