Whatsapp Cybersecurity Flaw Which Can Change Text: Affects More Than 1.3 Billion People


    More than 1.3 billion people use WhatsApp daily and now reports are showing that your messages could be altered by hackers. An Israeli based computer company has determined not one but three potential flaws in WhatsApp.


    Check Point Software Technologies Limited’s programmers have found three potential flaws that can let hacker change the sender’s text.

    One of the flaws is that hacker can use the quote feature to change the appearance of the sender. The other is that a hacker can change the reply of someone’s text. These are the flaws which the company says are very much making WhatsApp vulnerable. Another a person to send a private message to another group participant disguised as a public message to all. So when the individual responds, it was visible to everyone in the conversation.

    A Facebook spokesperson said that there only needs to be concerned about the third flaw which has already been fixed. The spokesperson says that the other two flaws are the mobile equivalent of altering replies in an email thread to make it look like something a person didn’t write. He says that there is no need to raise concern the other two flaws as they don’t exist.

    Watsapp is not only used by a common population but also by important individuals of government. Oded Vanunu the chief head of products vulnerability research has reminded Facebook these flaws can have a significant effect over the user. Vanunu has said that his company is working with Watsapp but the other problems are difficult to solve because of app encryption.

    Watsapp messages are the number one way someone can use to manipulate a large population. Unwanted messages and forwarded unknown messages create a widespread of chaos in the masses.