Where is The Easter Egg? Guardians Of The Galaxy Finally Opens Up About The Mysterious Egg


    It is nothing new for Marvel studios to tease their fans around about the details of their films. While fans have been speculating a lot about the last easter egg of the blockbuster movie Guardians of The Galaxy, here is something exciting for everyone.

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    Where is the Easter Egg?

    All the installments of Guardians of The Galaxy had their own Easter eggs. James Gunn the maker of this huge franchise has kept quite a large amount of easter eggs in the movies. But what about the last easter egg? Until now, there had been many guesses about the egg, but no definite answer was found.

    However, Gunn is finally giving some insights about this hidden treasure.

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    Secret Revealed

    Gunn on his social media made an official announcement about the final bonus and he says that ” It’s been partially discovered”. But fans are not happy with this. Nothing else was revealed by Gunn. Fans still have no idea where the egg is or who can crack the code. The mystery still continues and it keeps the fans puzzled.

    Hide and Seek

    Gunn has an amazing capacity to hide all the easter eggs in his movies. With the director’s direct post on Twitter about the partial discovery of the egg, fans are still in a startling position. But it has been assumed that the easter egg might have a connection to the heavenly characteristics of the father and grandfather of Peter Quill. In Guardians of The Galaxy Vol.2, the Peter Quill reference got a confirmation. So, people are thinking that the easter egg has a link to the sequel of the movie.

    Worth The Hype?

    With so much hide and seek to go on about the easter egg, it is definitely raising the expectation bar of the fans. It is going to really fun to finally discover the actual place of the easter egg. Marvel fans and especially fans of Guardians of The Galaxy franchise have been very eager about this issue for long. Hopefully, after giving a little teaser about it, Gunn will make a proper announcement revealing every detail about it very soon.

    Until then, keep on searching!