‘WICKED’ mother let her husband RAPE & impregnate 10 year old daughter for 7 years


    Two more years added to the jail time of the mother who let her own daughter be abused by her husband 

    Mary-Louisa Andrews was sentenced to be serving two years of jail term for letting her husband Anokye Andrews, 44, rape and impregnate her daughter three times over a time period of seven years.

    But another two years were added to her jail time after a judge found that the punishment was too lenient, and after an appeal by the prosecutors, it was increased to 5 years while Andrews was jailed for 20 years last year.

    Andrews sexually abused the young girl since the age of 10 beginning when they were on holiday together in Southport. He continued to rape her repeatedly till she turned 16 and within this time span he got her pregnant three times starting from the first time when she was 12.


    While Andrew was charged for child abuse, the girl’s mother was convicted for allowing the cruelty to continue. After everything was disclosed, And the girl gave permission for her parents to be named so that they would be publicly exposed.

    Detective Constable Tejinder Sidhu, said: “We welcome the decision of the Solicitor General to increase the sentence of Mary-Louisa Andrews. This was a horrific case of abuse in that the person who should have protected the victim, her mother, failed to do so and let the abuse go on.”


    Judge Francis Sheridan handed down Mrs. Andrew’s original sentence and told her: “The tears you shed are for yourself. I do not think any of them are for your daughter. I am not in any way influenced. You have not shown any sign of remorse. It is time somebody told you to your face – and I will: You were a wicked mother. When your daughter complained, her complaints were dismissed. You will take that dismissal to the grave. You betrayed your daughter to stand by your husband.”

    “She has gone through what can only be described as a life of hell. There must have been times in her young life where there appeared to be almost no remission from abuse.”