Will we see more of David Harbor as Jim in Stranger things 4, confirmed?


    David Harbor is one of the most favorite characters from Stranger things since season 1. For his role as Jim Hopper, he won Critics Choice Nominations Award and various other nominations. But apart from his character appreciation, there is something that’s making the news. Let us read about it.

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    David Harbour in season 4

    In the latest season of Stranger Things that released this year recently broke records with the exciting storyline. But the end was an emotional and cliffhanger one. David Harbor as Jim hopper may have been vaporized, when the Russians set off their essential machine to open the gateway to the Upsidedown. But the show didn’t declare it officially that Jim Hopper died. And fans are speculating that he is alive and is a prisoner, as the credit scene showed that the Russians have an American prison and maybe that’s him.

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    According to sources David had signed a contract till season 4, but it’s according to the Duffer brothers if they wish they can write off the character. As per stranger things history of events, even if David doesn’t return as the person, he can return in at form. After all, stranger, things never stay behind in twists and shocks.

    Fans reaction

    Many claims and are worried about how will the show look without David. He has been a significant part and played an impactful role. And as per David said in an interview that he would wish so, it would be great, but at the same time, he doesn’t guarantee anything.

    Since the crazy buzz for season 3, there will be soon season 4 and five too. A lot of deaths are also estimated, and who knows what’s on the plate. And since the Russian chapter has opened up, we can expect an intense scenario. Season 3 is still streaming on Netflix.