Woman throws BOILING GREASE on armed man who tried to rob her house


    Alabama police arrested a man who suffered burns across his face after breaking into a woman’s house with a gun 

    According to the statement of the Decatur Police Department, the police responded to an emergency call about a domestic dispute last Thursday, which involved a 31-year-old man Larondrick Macklin, whose face was burned with hot grease and was taken to the hospital.

    The reports state that Macklin had entered a woman’s house on Wimberley Drive carrying a firearm with the motive to rob the house, but the woman tried to defend her self and poured hot grease over him.


    Detectives state that Macklin was the “primary aggressor in the altercation,” and as per the police, Macklin “entered the victim’s house with a firearm, and the victim defended herself with a pot containing hot grease.”

    “Since the situation was of a domestic nature, we are not at liberty to discuss the relationship between the victim and the suspect at this time,” said one of the police spokeswoman.

    Macklin has been arrested on the basis of charges of first-degree domestic violence and first-degree burglary. He is currently being held in a local jail on a lieu of $300,000 bond. He was taken to jail without incident immediately after receiving the medical treatments. And the women who defended herself is considered to be innocent until she is found guilty.