Yes! Season 10 of Fortnite is Out! know what’s new


    Fortnite is a free to play battle royal Online Video Game published by Epic Games and directed by Donald Mustard, which was liberated in this world on 26 September 2017. In the last two years, Epic Games came out with nine seasons of the Game and with every single season it came up with splendid and exhilarating features. And now, season 10 is out with even more features.

    Source- Daily Express

    As it could be predicted from the treasure of the season itself that now in this season maps are to be a blend of old and new locations in the Rift Zone which has the comeback of new places. In these seasons, we will not see challenges but the missions and will be released every week, and in the first weak, it came up with Road Trip Challenges. It has Drift panted Durr Burger head, dealing damage to opponents while in the vehicle and Eradicate stop signs on the map. This was the first mission and had seven more purposes in the coming days. New skins are also introduced, which are innovative.

    Source- Pro Game Guides

    BRUTE – Though the meaning of the word is still hidden. But this is a new feature and also the cynosure of the season. In this, the vehicle could be controlled by two-person, and thus, one will drive, and others will be able to shoot. One person can also be able to control it. Junkyard Juke and Sky Statue Showdown are in a creative mode this time.

    WEAPONS – New and modified weapons are introduced in the season, and these weapons will play an indispensable role during the mission. Some of them are- Quad Crusher, Flit Knock Pistol, Tactical Assent Rifle, Mounted Turrent etc.

    In this season users will also be able to use emotes, mcpaks, and leading screen from Battle Royal in the Co-op horde mode.