There are many types of purification that takes place and helps in purifying water. Some types of purification methods that are commonly used are:

    • Chloramine: The concept of chloramines is simple. It just kills what is not required in your water and extracts water in a pure form. The cost of chloramine is a little high as compared to the charcoal process.
    • Activated Charcoal: The activated charcoal that contains carbon is the oldest method of purifying water. When the water is transmitted into a place where charcoal is present, that charcoal extracts all the impure substances that are present in your water, and we can use that water and even drink that water. 
    • Inhibition: It helps in removing the crystal hard and soft particles from the water and purifies it in the purest form.
    • UV: One of the latest technologies that we have right now. Although it is much expensive than other methods, the purification process is much faster in this method and of high quality. It is basically meant for removing all the bacteria that are present in water.
    • Reverse osmosis: The process of a semi imbibing membrane in which water gets purified and all the particles that are not good in quality and makes in pure.


    People face a problem in selecting and maintaining of water purifier. RO water purifier helps in making even the most polluted water into healthy drinking water. There is a process that needs to be followed for purchasing and maintaining the RO purifier. These steps are as follows:

    1. Choosing the purifier: To select the best purifier, you should keep in mind the following things:
    • Purpose: There is a need to acknowledge your purpose in buying the purifier. There are many wide range and types of purifier that performs some advanced functions, as well as some of them, performs the basic functions. Some of the advanced purifiers have the function of baby food. This gives the water that is healthy for making baby food.
    • Rating of Micron: Micron rating is very important when you’re buying a water purifier. This rating tells how many levels of micron particles flow through the purifier. A high rating means that a high number of elements will pass through, while low rating means that lower particles will pass through. So this makes it clear that a lower rating of micron is good, and we should check the rating before buying the purifier. Low rated micron level signifies that the purifier makes the water purer and fit for consumption.
    • Warranty period: the warranty period and the number of free services available should also be verified before making any decision. You might be tempted to change your decision after enquiring about these features.
    1. Applying: The application of the purifier in real-life can be useful in many places:
    • The purifier can be used in many restaurants for serving beverages and other drinks. The RO purified water makes the taste of the drink more tasty and free from germs. Almost all the restaurants in the world have started using RO filters in making and serving drinks and food.
    • The same thing about making food and drinks can be done even at home.
    • Ice machine and dispensers: Ice dispensers are able to perform and make solid ice cubes because of the use of this water. Dirty water is not that harmful to every product, but the longevity of your ice machine gets affected. Using a water purifier has helped in making your ice machine longevity long and makes the taste of your drinks tasty and less of a chlorine flavor. You can also feel the difference by the appearance of the water.
    1. Maintenance: Water purifier needs to be maintained from time to time. As the service gets due, we should get its service done as soon as possible. If the service does not take place, then the purifier might stop working. You have to be very particular about its service. UV bulbs and the water filter needs to be serviced. UV bulb light may stop to blink after a year, and that is an indicator that your RO needs to be serviced. The filter that is used in the purifier needs to be cleaned every six months.

    The process of using the filter is quite simple. The steps are:

    • Installing the filter.
    • Turn on the supply of water at a medium speed.
    • Run the water for about 5-10 minutes.
    • Then keep the speed to the desired level of the water.
    • Now you can start using the water.

    There are many other benefits of using this water. Some of them are:

    • Having it post-workout: Post-workout consumption of water can help in curing the muscular pain and makes you feel relief
    • Pre-workout: By consuming warm water pre-workout, it helps in burning out the fat ions that are present in the body and helps in reducing weight.
    • Before a meal: Even consuming the water before a meal makes the digestion easy and helps as medicinal use.
    • Other uses: The water can also be used and consumed with honey and lemon for the immunity booster.

    Usually, it was a query of people as to when to make the service of the RO done. There is a toll-free number that is available so that you can enquire as much as you can regarding your RO features and when is your next service due. You can also mail your query to the email id of the company and get an immediate answer. Other than this, if you know everything about the timing of your due service of RO, you can search for RO repair near me. This is the best way to get to know about your RO. Every device that you have needs to be serviced from time to time for their proper functioning. So don’t be late next time and keep a maintenance check on your RO.