Consulting Your Stylist about Private Label Hair Products


    In the world of beauty and cosmetics, those who specialize in hair care generally have a formal education that they complete prior to joining or opening a salon. Many customers may not realize it, but this education requires hours of hands-on experience before a prospective stylist is able to work professionally.

    Though many barbers and stylists are self-taught, many still obtain certifications from long-standing institutions where this trade is offered formally. This gives a stylist an advantage, particularly when working with and choosing private label hair products.

    With the variety of products on the market today, it’s easy to get lost in the hair care aisle when choosing the right product. For formally trained stylists, this choice is much easier as they go through training. 

    This post will explore a variety of hair products on the market and why consulting your stylist is the best way to choose your products.

    Shampoo and Conditioner

    The shampoo and conditioner categories are perhaps the largest of all hair care products available in the market today. Such choices include those that specialize in dandruff mitigation, dry-scalp reduction, as well as those formulated to treat oily or coarse hair, and everything in between.

    Allowing your stylist to asses which hair care products you should use is the first step in narrowing down the options that you’re faced with when shopping. Often, stylists will have access to private label hair care products that aren’t offered in regular stores. After these are applied, you and your stylist can come together and choose the best shampoos and conditioners that are an optimal match with your hair.

    Detangling and Straightening Products

    Perhaps second in line as the most popular hair care products are straighteners and detanglers. These products often come in mist or spritz forms, or lotions that are applied directly to the hair. Often, depending on the formula, these can be applied directly to the hair when dry, but some do recommend the applications over wet hair as well.

    Depending on your hair, and the style that you’re wishing to achieve, these products may need a special ingredient or formula in order to produce the proper effect. Your stylist, through proper training and experience, will be able to guide you in using the right selection of products in order to achieve the style you desire.

    Mousse, Gel, and Spray

    Hair gel, sprays, and mousse are often used to keep hair in a specific position, or to give the hair more body, allowing it to move freely while also keeping its form. Again, there are several products on the market today that claim to add volume to hair and produce the desired effect.

    A properly trained stylist will be able to tell you which products work the best, and which ones perform poorly, and they may also have samples or specific private label products they prefer, which you can try before purchasing them. 

    Considering Stylists

    As with any trade, a stylist has access to industry knowledge that many consumers are unaware of. Correspondingly, they also have access to products that generally aren’t sold on the open market.

    Before entering the marketplace and being faced with an overwhelming variety of hair products that all claim to have perfect effects, consider consulting your local stylist. This will ensure that you will be well-informed prior to purchasing products that you may not know much about.