How to Install Delta Emulator with TweakBox App Installer


    We already know that Apple has quite a lot of restrictions. At one side, we are free to play all the iOS games on our iPhone and iPad. But on the other hand, if you want to install other kinds of games available for different devices, it would not be possible.

    And this is where jailbreaking came into the light. But not everyone is interested in jailbreaking. Hence, there is the Delta Emulator. And if you are wondering how to Install Delta Emulator with TweakBox App, then I am to help you out.

    Delta Emulator Features:

    • It is available free of cost.
    • There is no need to jailbreak.
    • The app supports all iOS devices and including the recent one.
    • It comes with a user friendly interface.
    • It offers you support for Gameboy advanced, Gameboy color, Gameboy, Nintendo 64, and other platforms games.
    • It offers you smooth gameplay.
    • You will get fast forward features.
    • You will be getting the cheat code support.
    • It also offers you support iTunes and iCloud so you can load games.
    • There is a lookup system that exists in the app.
    • The app is loaded with quite a lot of features that you would get to know as you start using the app.

    Installation of Delta Emulator with TweakBox App

    • First of all, launch your Safari browser and go to the TweakBox Download Page.
    • Then tap on the download button and follow the screen instructions.
    • Next, you will find an app icon on your screen, and it means the app is installed.
    • Then Open Settings > General > Profiles and trust the TweakBox profile.
    • Now open TweakBox and tap on the Emulators section.
    • Over here, type down Delta Emulator App in the search box and go to the app screen.
    • Hit the install button and wait for the app to get installed.
    • Lastly, trust the app by going to open Settings > General > Profiles and trust Delta Emulator.

    How to Fix Crashing the App?

    In case, if you find the app crashing, then I would recommend you to install the app completely. And try some other methods to install the app.


    Do I need jailbreak to use the emulator?

    No, there is no need to jailbreak.

    Is delta emulator free?

    Yes, it is free to use.

    Can I install Delta emulator on Android?

    Yes, you can.


    So that was all for your question How to Install Delta Emulator with TweakBox App. Now go ahead and check the steps out.