Spotify Premium for Free with Spotify++ – Download from TutuApp Lite


    Apple is very strict with its app related guidelines and policies. Hence, from time to time, it unleashes an onslaught on third-party App Stores by revoking their certificates. In a desperate attempt to save its user base,

    TutuApp launched TutuApp Lite that can be considered as a lightweight alternative of TutuApp. The Lite version houses every popular third-party iOS app or game. In this post, we are going to share with you the steps to download Spotify++ from TutuApp Lite.

    Download Spotify++ on iOS

    To download Spotify++ on iOS, you require having TutuApp Lite installed on your iOS device. Click here: “TuTuApp Lite Download” to view the steps to download and install TutuApp Lite on your iOS device.

    Install Spotify++ on iOS(iPhone/iPad) Without Jailbreak

      • Please launch TutuApp Lite on your iOS device. If you have utilized TutuApp, you will notice that the interface of the lite version is similar to the original one.


    • Search for Spotify++.


    • Tap on the appropriate search result to move to the application info screen. Here you can read everything what Spotify++ has to offer.
    • Finally, hit ‘Get’ to commence with the download and installation process.
    • Hit ‘Install’ on the pop-up that comes up next stating that TutuApp Lite wants to install Spotify++ on your iOS device.
    • Switch to the home screen to check on the installation progress.
    • After successful installation, please navigate to Settings -> General -> Profiles and trust the profile of Spotify++.

    What is Spotify++?

    In short, Spotify++ is Spotify Premium for free. Spotify++ is a tweaked version of the original application and houses all the features that you can only avail in the premium subscription. The tweaked version is free to download, install, and use.

    Which Premium Features are present in Spotify++?

    • You can download unlimited songs and listen to them offline.
    • The download facility is available for free.
    • You can even select a preferable sound quality while playback or download.
    • No ads are present in Spotify++.
    • Unlimited skips are at your disposal.

    Is Jailbreak Mandatory for installing Spotify++?

    No! You do not require jailbreaking your iPhone/iPad to download, install, and use Spotify++.

    Spotify++ – FAQ

    Q – ‘Untrusted Enterprise Developer’ error when launching the app

    This error crops up if you miss trusting the profile of the application. Please go ahead and trust the profile prior to launching the application.

    Q – Can I keep both the original and the tweaked version?

    No! If you wish to install the tweaked version, you require uninstalling the original version from your iOS device.

    Final Words

    Spotify++ is a great way to enjoy all the premium features for free. Hence, it does not comes without a doubt that the number of downloads for the tweaked version are increasing day by day. Let us know in the comments section provided below your experience of using Spotify++ on your iOS device.