Taking care of footwear


    You have just bought a new pair of shoes and while they look new and smell just as great, the fact is that you have to make them dirty. Footwear complements everyday clothing items but for them to serve you for a long time, you must take care of them. The daily routine of wiping them down with a damp cloth works for the appearance but to receive long term service, you must be willing to do more. Luckily, brands that use Moro Minuterie benefit from an extensive line of metallic eyelets for footwear which can be trusted to stay in perfect condition for a long time. How do you take care of the rest of the footwear?

    Clean regularly

    Footwear made from leather is the easiest to maintain because the secret is to keep the surface of the shoe supple. This is best achieved by applying a thin layer of leather nourishing cream on the leather then using a soft cloth to buff. The soft cloth is gentle on the leather and will not only preserve the smooth finish of the fabric but also the metallic eyelets for footwear. The soft cloth can be used to achieve a bright shin of the eyelets and hooks – take care not to allow the elements to age a shoe prematurely.

    Waterproof the shoe

    Water is a huge concern when it comes to footwear because it compromises the strength and function of a shoe. Especially for people who have to inevitably step on water, waterproofing is a must. This treatment protects the shoe from day to day dampness incidents, accidental splashing or stepping into a pool of water and getting rained on. The process of waterproofing is quite straightforward but the local shoe repair shop can be a great assistance if in doubt.

    Revitalizing the colour

    You cannot avoid it – due to wear and tear, your footwear will begin to fade in color. In the long run a shoe that you could put on all week when stepping into the outdoors becomes only good enough for staying indoors. The good news is that you can restore the appearance of old shoes just by paying a little bit of attention. The shoes care section in your local grocery store has a range of revitalizing sprays you can choose from. It is wise to test the spray on a small section of the shoe first before applying on the entire surface. Do not forget to spray the metallic eyelets for an even appearance.

    The soles of the shoe

    High quality soles are the deal breaker between shoes that last a long time and those that disappoint you along the way. While the insoles might not require any special treatment because they are not exposed to the elements, the outsoles may need some special attention. After a day of walking, it is recommended that the entire shoe is wiped clean and this includes the soles. If there is mud or pieces of rock that have lodged into the sole profile, a blunt object such as a piece of wood should be used to scrap it out.

    Sometimes all you need to bring an old shoe back to life is a change of the accessories – eyelets and hooks. Do you know a shoe repair place close by? Ask them if they can change the accessories for you then insist of having a new set from Moro Minuterie. Their accessories are not only good looking but are designed precisely to offer long service. This applies to when people gift you with used footwear – personalize them by changing the accessories.