What You Should Know About DUI in Nashville and the Role of a DUI Attorney


    Perhaps you are enjoying a fun night out with friends in one of the most popular bars in Downtown Nashville, and you had a sip or two of Tennessee whiskey. Despite the warnings, you insisted on driving yourself home. A few minutes later, officers from the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department pulled you over as they want to enquire about driving under the influence (DUI). 

    What should you do next? Who are you going to call for help? To equip you with the right information should the above situation happens for real, take note of the following points about DUI and the need for a nashville dui attorney.

    Penalties for First Time DUI Conviction in Nashville

    As with most states in the country, the penalties for DUI conviction are severe in Tennessee, even among first offenders. The punishment may include jail time, revocation of driver’s license, steep fines, installation of an ignition interlock device in the vehicle, and compulsory participation in an alcohol and drug treatment program.   

    If you ever find yourself in this predicament and you are facing at least two days of being locked up in jail, you should immediately consult with a Nashville DUI attorney. The lawyer can help you negotiate with the assigned DUI prosecutor so that you can do community service work instead of jail time. Performing community service for 200 hours is feasible for a first time DUI offender in the Music City. 

    Advantages of Hiring a DUI Lawyer in Nashville

    Given the penalties you can incur even on your first DUI case, hiring a local DUI lawyer to represent you is a prudent thing to do for the following reasons: 

    • Experience and Expertise

    DUI cases in Nashville can be complicated and confusing, especially for laypeople. When you hire a DUI attorney from the city, you can get assured of being represented by a professional who better knows the ins and outs of DUI cases in your city. Your lawyer can effectively assess your situation and device suitable courses of action toward a good outcome.

    • Reduced Sentence

    As discussed above, a reputable DUI lawyer can help you negotiate for a lesser sentence, such as community service instead of jail time. Your attorney can use the fact that this is your first offense to get you out of the court. 

    • Peace of Mind

    Being arrested for DUI can be traumatic, especially for first-timers. Not knowing what to do and what to expect can cause anxiety and stress. Having an attorney by your side can address these debilitating feelings, especially after you hear him come up with a specific plan of action. 

    • Savings

    If you think that you will be spending more if you hire a DUI, you should consider the value that this professional brings to the table. Your lawyer will help you navigate the complex system so that your case can be resolved faster. This act alone can save you a considerable amount, not to mention the headache and stress of a conviction.

    A DUI case should not be taken lightly, as it can negatively impact every facet of your life, from personal and family to social and professional. While you cannot change the past, you can do something to mitigate the ill effects of the arrest by hiring a credible DUI lawyer in Nashville. It’s good to remember that all DUI cases in the city are not the same, which is why you need an expert to represent your best interest.