How Hoverboards Are Taking Technology To A Whole New Level

    Hoverboards are taking over the technology world. QZ described these hoverboards as “ devices that could fill the gap between long-distance modes of transport and walking short distances”. By 2015, an estimated amount of 40,000 hoverboards entered the US every day. Let’s dig deeper into what the future holds for these mobility contraptions with their latest technology.
    Battery Duration
    According to the  Safety Statistics on Self-Balancing Hoverboards, lithium-ion batteries tend to be under high levels of stress from vibrations. So, it requires a higher level of standards are required to make sure everything is safe and well-maintained. In today’s recent models, the batteries are upgraded with a higher voltage count and a durable battery shell for long-term use. For example, the Hovertrax features a removable battery that allows you to swap out a fresh one while the other is charging.
    Safety Features
    One of the top concerns of most customers is the safety of riding a hoverboard. However, just as you would practice with bikes and other gear, hoverboards are generally safe to ride.  According to Hover Patrol, self-balancing scooters will have to pass strict tests before being released to the public market. Not to mention, models like the Segway miniPro comes with an alarm that alerts your phone if someone tries to move the board.
    More Versions For A Better Ride
    Hoverboards have been a revolutionary mobility device for everyday users. But to take it to the next level, hoverboards are now equipped with LED lights that illuminate in the dark, Bluetooth connectivity to speakers found within the hoverboard, an app that lets you control your hoverboard even more. If you’re one for taking rides to the extreme, consider the Onewheel version. With its single wheel, the Onewheel works by having you lean forward and back as opposed to the traditional method.
    If you’re looking for a board with a general-purpose, the Epikgo All-terrain feature enhancements for handling rides in all terrain types. Not only will this help you avoid getting stuck on an unplanned route, but it also protects the tires during rough movements across grass, mud, sand, and ice.
    Hoverboards have been one of the new faces of technology in terms of mobility and transportation. With the trends of today’s generation pushing the limits of technology, the future of these devices is unlimited and simply amazing as we see more innovations that make the hoverboard more enjoyable to use.