25 Top Trending Topics for Essay Writing


    Students complain a lot about boring or not relevant topics given by professors. However, when they face the necessity to come up with the topic on their own, it becomes a real challenge. The problem is, the most obvious topics are often too shallow to write an interesting essay about, and when you start digging for better versions, you get stuck with the variety. Here are some characteristics which every good topic has:

    • It is trending. When you read it, you know “what all the hype is about” because it is not related to something that happened long ago and had no meaning in the course of current events;
    • It is catchy. There is no need to write on a topic that is not catchy, not engaging. Forget about long topic names in a passive voice.
    • It is interesting to you personally. The topic can be catchy and relevant to the current events, but if you are not interested in it, you won’t be able to write an impressive essay. If you already have a choice of the topic, use this opportunity to dig into the topic most relevant to your interests and experience. 

    We’ve asked a professional plagiarism-free essay writing service to share with us 25 top trending topics for essay writing in different fields. You can use them right away or adjust according to your interests and your professor’s requirements.


    The development of VPN service in countries with autocratic rule and free speech limitations: Russian Federation, Iran, Turkey. It is a topic relevant to the current situation in the world. In many countries, the usage of a VPN is necessary because the government bans access to some Internet sources.

    Blockchain technology. Advantages and hazards to different industries around the world. Well, there’s simply no hotter topic than blockchain nowadays. 

    Cloud technology in the Education sector: Top ways to increase performance. You can also write about the health industry, nursing, or other industry. 

    Cybersecurity in 2020. The borderline between government protection and illegal search. It is not the newest topic, but it stays trending, and will become more actual every year. 

    Technology in Gene Engineering. It is the most actual topic in the Technology sphere. You can also use it when writing an essay about medical advancement. 


    Management of local projects: Failures and successes. If you follow the latest trends, you notice that local stories, management in small cities, gather much more attention and recognition than stories of big companies. 

    Taylor’s and McGregor’s management techniques for companies with no strict hierarchy. These techniques are well-known for corporations, but can they be used in smaller start-up companies?

    Role of a business management in “turquoise ” start-ups. First of all, google turquoise companies.

    Development of a Project manager in the IT companies. Previously, this position was truly desirable, but now it loses its benefits. Why?

    Management styles in the Middle East. With all the cameras looking closely at what is happening at the Middle East, try to investigate this region’s management styles.

    Gender Studies

    Lack of women in Stem: Options for Inclusion, Development of the Industry. 

    Role of college in teaching gender equality as well as self-awareness in choosing a future career path. 

    Risks of sexual violence and exploitation among men and women: comparative analysis. 

    Gender-neutral political acts and legislation: Successful and negative examples of the recent decade.

    Sexual harassment at work as a characteristic of companies based on strong hierarchy similar to any patriarch society. 

    Political Studies

    How the Human Rights Act should be revised based on the terror threats around the world. 

    Is the government responsible for preventing addictions (gambling, drug, alcohol) among citizens, or should it be the only personal responsibility of every individual?

    Gun control: A comparative analysis of the most striking arguments of both parties. 

    Risks and benefits of censorship: Examples from history and analysis of the current situation.

    Election campaigns promo in social media: risks and benefits.


    Ethics in digital marketing: Examples of an ethical and unethical digital campaign which became popular.

    Logic of online purposes that helps to lure more Alpha-consumers. 

    Black Friday Sales: Benefits, risks, logic and strategies.

    Measuring customers’ satisfaction: The most useful metrics for online industries.

    Telemarketing: Perspectives and key lessons. 

    When you choose a topic to cover, make sure you don’t feel bored from the first minutes of research. Don’t be lazy to change the topic, if you are. Good luck!