Exam Dumps and Other Tools to Help You Nail Microsoft MD-101 Certification Test


    Microsoft MD-101 is a certification exam that is offered to those who want to earn the Microsoft 365 Certified: Modern Desktop Administrator Associate credential. Those individuals who have already passed Microsoft 70-698 before its expiration date only needto takeMicrosoft MD-101 in order to obtain the certification. In case you are not aware, the 70-698 test has beenretired on March 31, 2019. If you didn’t pass this exam, you need to clear MD-100 together with MD-101 in order to get the mentioned certificate.

    The Microsoft MD-101 exam is titled Managing Modern Desktops. The test focuses on measuring your ability to complete various technical tasks, such as updating and deploying operating systems, managing apps and data, managing and protecting devices, and managing policies and profiles. The exam is available in English and in many other languages, including Portuguese, German, Simplified Chinese, and so on download now.

    Prerequisites for Microsoft MD-101Exam

    This exam is mainly targeted at those IT professionals who want to earn the Microsoft 365 Certified: Modern Desktop Administrator Associate certification. As we mentioned earlier, to get this credential, the candidates must also clear the MD-100 test.

    Before attempting the Microsoft MD-101 exam, the learners are expected to be familiar with M365 workloads. The students should also have experience and strong skills in configuring, deploying, and maintaining Windows 10 as well as non-Windows devices. Basically, the test focuses on Cloud services and not necessarily on on-premises management technologies.

    Candidates for Microsoft MD-101 Exam

    The https://www.exam-labs.com/ Microsoft 365 Certified: Modern Desktop Administrator Associate certificationis a very powerful credential in the IT industry. Theassociated exam is designed for the administrators who work in an enterprise environment and undertake tasks, such as deploying, configuring, monitoring, managing, and securing devices along with client applications. The typical candidates for the Microsoft MD-101 test are those IT professionals who manage identity, apps, updates, policies, and access.

    As an administrator, you basically work in partnership with the Microsoft 365 Enterprise admins to implement and design a clear device strategy that meets the business needs in a modern organization. The individuals attempting this certification test are expected to have a thorough knowledge of Microsoft 365 workloads. They are required to be proficient and highly experienced in configuring, maintaining, and deploying both Windows 10 technologies and devices and even non-Windows ones.

    Skills Measured in Microsoft MD-101 Exam

    The skills measured in the MD-101 exam are grouped into 4 major areas:

    1. Deploy and update operating systems – 15-20%;
    2. Manage and protect devices – 15-20%;
    3. Managepolicies and profiles – 35-40%;
    4. Manage apps and data – 25-30%.

    The exam content is majorly based on the above objectives. The weight is given to each topic area in the test in terms of how many marks are indicated by a percentage. While the questions are expected to come from these subjects, there can be others from other topics, besides the ones mentioned here. So, he students are expected to study widely when preparing for the Microsoft MD-101 exam.

    Registration for Microsoft MD-101 Exam

    Microsoft MD-101 is available for scheduling to the qualified candidates. Microsoft provides this test through Pearson VUE, and you can take it at any registered location near you. Otherwise, you can take the online proctored exam whereby you don’t have to go to any test center but rather write the exam from wherever you are.You can do it at your home, hotel room, office, or anywhere else. If you are going to take the online proctored test for the first time, you should be familiar with the real exam environment and have a basic idea of how it is done.

    To register and schedule for the Microsoft MD-101 exam, the applicants must pay $165, particularly if they are taking the test in the United States. More often than not, the exam fee varies in different countries due to differences in taxation policies.

    Preparation Options for Microsoft MD-101 Exam

    As you understand, the Microsoft MD-101 exam is your perfect shot to get your dream job and grow in your IT career. But how do you plan to pass this test? The secret of passing any IT certification exam is in preparation and the caliber of study materials that you use during this process. As for the prep tools, the individuals considering attempting are advised to use official training resources as their primary preparation materials. They are available on the official Microsoft website. The only way to access them is by enrolling with Microsoft. There are also helpful study materials for MicrosoftMD-101 on theExam-Labs platform. The candidates can use this site as their secondary preparation source.

    Armed with all the training materials you need, how do you ensure that you are making use of them accordingly? This is another concern because having the best prep tools is one thing and using them appropriately and ensuring that you are taking advantage of them is another. The best thing to do is prepare a study plan that is most suitable for your personal style of studyand your schedule. Include all the resources you have to your blueprint, separate free days and the days when you will study hard for the test. But don’t overwork yourself. No one wants to monitora sleepy and tired student who cannot answer any question. You need to be fresh and well-rested before the actual exam. It will help you take out the required file in your head for the right answer.


    As desktops have evolved over time, so have the methods for updating and deploying them. By passing Microsoft MD-101 and earningthe associated certification, the IT experts learn new and advanced methods of planning and implementing the operating system deployment strategy. Actually, this path will help you have an in-depth understanding of various methods available, how to use modern methods to deploy Windows and the scenarios they are suited for. In a few words, passing the Microsoft MD-101 exam is a step towards the right direction in terms of remaining relevant in the IT industry and ensuring your career growth.