They Say the Best Things in Life Are Free. Not Quite When It Comes to Travel Insurance in the USA


    We recommend that you by any means take out travel insurance for your trip to America.

    If you have insurance protection via VISA or Master Card, you may also need to take out travel insurance. The hospital admittance can be pricey. If you do not pay in advance, you are not treated. Regarding repatriation, it should be pointed out that there are different conditions to take into consideration. The operation or treatment is not possible on-site. Furthermore, surgery and treatment are only carried out when liquidity is available (an operation can cost $ 20,000).

    As you see, good health insurance is essential, because medical costs are very high. Such insurance can be taken out in different ways, e.g. as a year-round policy (this is worth it if you travel several times a year). But apart from the well-known travel insurers, you can also enter into a contract with private health insurance companies (just care to compare the services you pay).

    You would also have to take out a complete insurance package with luggage insurance, etc.

    Risk persons – insured travel participants

    You are insured if something happens to you or one of your risk persons. These include the following people:

    • Relatives of the insured person, defined as spouse and registered a civil partnership, children, parents, grandparents, grandchildren, in-laws, sons-in-law, in-laws and siblings, siblings, adoptive children and foster parents, foster children/step-children, step-siblings, uncles, aunts, nephews, and nieces.
    • The cohabiting partner of the insured person or one of the insured traveling companions.
    • Those who do not look after minor or dependent relatives who are not traveling with you.
    • Those who have booked a trip together with the insured person and their relatives.

    Year-cancellation insurance

    You can also be interested in travel cancellation insurance, including or not travel cancellation insurance to reside in the US. This can be acquired as annual insurance (more info 

    You are insured with the annual insurance on all private and business trips at home and abroad and you do not have to worry about your insurance cover every time you travel. The insurance is then valid for every trip you undertake in a year up to the stated travel price.

    Please note that the insurance is automatically extended for another year if you do not cancel the insurance at least one month before it expires.

    Damage is done – what now?

    You have been going on vacation for many years and everything always went smoothly – except this one time. You or a family member have suffered damage and would like to report this to your insurance company.


    We recommend that you take out the Travel package that includes international health insurance. If you already have health insurance that is valid worldwide, we recommend that you take out simple travel cancellation insurance without a deductible and with a trip interruption. Please, consider annual insurance as an option.