2020’s Top 10 Website Plugins


    Creating your own website and ensuring that it is visually aesthetic yet user-friendly at the same time can be a challenging feat. But what’s most important is that you’re done setting it up! However, you might soon realize that there is something lacking on your site and are hesitant about engaging a professional to help solve your woes. If this sounds like you, fret not for there are many reliable and useful website plugins online that are effective and can help save some money. With the multitude of plugins available for you, along with their varying functions, you will definitely be able to find one that suits your needs!

    1. HubSpot WordPress Plugin

    HubSpot WordPress plugin provides you with an all-in-one marketing tool for you to collect data analysis, create popup forms as well as live chats to increase convenience for your users. All these data will also be sent back to a free CRM for you to utilize for your campaigns. Apart from these, they also provide a range of other growth tools, which can help to kickstart your business and increase your marketing, sales and service operations. If you need a little booster for your website, WordPress offers quick and hassle-free installation, as well as user-friendly tools to help accelerate your business.

    2. Proof

    Proof’s plugin allows you to have a clearer analysis of how your products and services are selling. Proof lets you incorporate social proof in different forms on your sites, including popup notifications of purchases, live visitor count and a detailed report on the recent activity on your site. Proof’s plugin hence allows you to visualize the popularity of your products, allowing you to make necessary tweaks to your marketing strategy with these concrete numbers.


    If you desperately need a tool to decrease your site’s loading time, Optimole’s plugin is what you need. Optimole automatically helps you to compress and reduce the image size, without compromising on their quality. They can effectively help you alter your image sizes according to the varying needs of different websites for both desktop and device interfaces. If your users are tapping on low connection, the image quality will be downgraded accordingly to prevent the user experience from being affected. They also offer additional features like watermark overlay to prevent your valuable photos from being used without permission.

    4. RightMessage

    RightMessage allows you to cater to your customers’ needs and improve their user experience through highly personalized content. You can categorize your users based on slide-in questionnaires, tags, or acquisition sources from either your email service provider or CRM. Through these categories, you can alter your messaging and CTAs to improve the appeal to your target audience and this will then translate to higher conversation rates. Moreover, the plugin integrates with other well-known site platforms like WordPress, HubSpot, and Squarespace.

    5. LimeSpot Personalizer

    LimeSpot specifically targets e-commerce sites and is available through the Shopify app directory. It utilizes a highly robust AI system that is able to keep track of user behavior both individually and collectively; analyzing them to help you alter your marketing strategies. It also offers tailored product recommendations for each specific user through its powerful algorithm to effectively increase relevancy and product sales.

    6. HotJar

    With HotJar’s plugin, you will be able to track how your users are interacting with your site to identify any prevalent UX issues and design flaws. With their heat maps, you will be able to analyze your site’s popular spots through user engagement and help point out whether your CTAs and links are too vague. They even offer screen recordings for real-time data analysis. On top of that, HotJar allows the integration of feedback polls on your site to extract invaluable insights from your users.

    7. Qualaroo

    Qualaroo offers a myriad of features that allows you to receive and analyze user data through more advanced targetting, as compared to other plugins that only offer basic features. Their unique decision tree option lets you collect feedback in a more detailed and in-depth way. With Qualaroo, you can get explicit data and feedback from users, to enhance and enrich their user experience and alter your marketing strategies.

    8. Jumper.ai

    Jumer.ai’s plugin helps you to market and sell your products and services through social media platforms; so that you don’t need a physical online store. Their algorithm also aids in pushing your services and products according to the tailored needs of your customers, thereby increasing the appeal and conversion rates. Furthermore, the checkout bot offered by Jumper.ai can redirect users to your site and increase purchases.

    9. Intercom

    If you wish to integrate a live bot chat session for your site, Intercom allows you to do just that. By incorporating a small widget at the bottom of your site, it improves user experience as they are able to have their questions answered immediately through the live chatbots. Automated chatbots or real operators, depending on which you opt for, are able to attend to customers quickly to prevent customer turnovers. Moreover, this tool is able to offer in-app assistance if you are running a SaaS solution. With Intercom, there are email marketing solutions suggested for you to improve your business too.

    10. OptinMonster

    OptinMonster utilizes AI technology to help market and promote your products and services to a tailored audience. They will be able to help your products and services reach users who have been on your site frequently, or who have visited similar pages before. This ensures that your business reaches a suitable target audience who has more potential for making purchases; thus, increasing conversion rates.

    If you think that your website is good to go, think again! With the variety of plugins available at your fingertips, you will be able to design your site to improve user experience and effectively cater to the needs of your users. The myriad of choices available online ensures that every webmaster is able to find the right plugins with their respective unique functions for their web page. Another thing that you should look out for is crawl budget optimization. This is yet another factor that will affect the success of your website. As such, be sure to take that into account and incorporate all these useful plugins to help your site to stay competitive and kickstart your way to success!


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