How Can You Know What Your Kid is Doing on Phone


    The idea of giving your children mobile phones with unrestricted access to the internet seems silly. These days, children are more likely to be involved in unhealthy activities, which can even destroy their futures. 

    Now the question is how to protect your children from online threats. As they are really advanced and always keep active on social sites. They easily mix with people, make new friends, and talk to strangers, but these all things can also bring some problems. There have been several cases of the children bullied and mentally tortured online as well. Even there are millions of people who can manipulate teens’ minds for their purposes. That’s why it is a sensible decision to keep an eye on your children. Also, you need to understand that they need their privacy, so while checking their activities, their privacy shouldn’t be invaded. 

    To keep a check on children we have created a guide that will surely help you to protect your children from expected online threats. 

    1. Check Your Child’s Browse History 

    No doubt, it is very basic; still, it is mandatory. Checking the browser history is probably the easiest way to track what your children are doing on the internet. This will show you the websites that your children have recently opened. Today it is common among children that they remove the history, so if you attempt to check and history has been removed that’s the red flag and give you a sign that it is the time for a conversation with your child. 

    2. Activate Parental Control Apps 

    Purchasing or installing parental control app can help you a lot to keep a check on your children. You may not know about parenting control apps, so below is the list of these apps that can help you keep your children on track. 

    • Children Tracker: This app is especially known for its location-tracking capabilities, but it can also track browser history, messages call logs, and many more things. 
    • mSpy: This is the best free tracking app that meets your requirements. mspy cell phone tracker app monitoring is flawless that allows you to monitor call logs, messages, and many other activities. 
    • The TruthSpy: This app is easily available for the Android platform and free to use. With the help of  The TruthSpy, you can monitor your children’s phones, and they will not be able to know. It allows you to track call logs, browser history, and also facilitate monitoring social media apps. 
    • SpyBubble: This android spy tool is a helpful parental monitoring app. With SpyBubble, you can track text-based messages, IM messages, and call logs.

    3. Limit the Screen Time For Your Children

    Those who allow their children to use mobile phones and laptops the whole day are at more risk. If you notice your child is more interested in using a mobile phone than sharing his/her time with family, it can be a red flag. To limit your child’s screen time, you can install Family Time, it does everything. For instance, with the help of this tool, you can set the screen time limit for your children. 



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