Let’s face it: writing an essay, no matter what you’re writing about, is a drag. It’s the kind of activity most people only do when they have to, and rarely even at that. In such cases, they often find helpful people who are actually good at writing essays to help them in the process. 

    Most essays, however, are not about fun subjects. At least they’re not necessarily about things that you, the writer, is interested in. Perhaps that’s a factor in why they can be so boring sometimes. So, what can we do about it? Well, we can write about things we’re actually interested in in order to become better essay writers. Essay writing is a skill and can only be developed over time through writing lots of essays. 

    A good place to start is writing an essay about your favorite TV show. Most people have a favorite TV show, and in the age of streaming services, you’ll often find yourself binge-watching entire seasons of your favorite show in a single sitting. Why not take some time off and actually write about it? 

    While this should be fun even without structure to it, where you write the essay like one long stream of consciousness, you can also try to give it some order, like a real essay, so anyone reading it will actually understand the argument. Remember, the whole point of the exercise is so you learn to write essays better. 

    So, are you ready? Let’s get down to it!

    Writing the Essay

    While we’re here, remember that you don’t have to do it alone. The tips on this page are pretty solid and should give you a proper high-level view of the essay writing process. However, if you want some help on the details and actually producing a professional looking essay (or at least one worthy of a passing grade), there are lots of services that can help you. 

    Edubirdie is an excellent example of this. The expert team of essay writers at Edubirdie will help you write out a brilliant essay on any topic. They have experts in TV shows reviews who will be an excellent guide in this.


    • Overall Information About the Show


    Here you should introduce the main details of the show. What is it about (a very high-level overview; don’t get bogged down in the details)? When was it first aired? What genre does it fall under? Briefly point out how it was received by audiences. You can also use this space to mention any notable cast and crew, such as the main producers and directors, the main cast, and any interesting things, such as where the show was filmed and where it was aired. 


    • Go into the Details of the Content


    Once you’ve introduced the reader into the high-level details, it’s time to dig into the content. This part is where you give an objective view of the plot of the show, if it has any, or the main objective if it’s a reality show or documentary. Talk in-depth about the story and what exactly it involves.

    This section is a great place to test your understanding of the show. While we all thoroughly enjoy our favorite shows and know what they’re about, trying to write it down in an informative way can pose its own challenges. It forces you to take a closer look at the show in order to better articulate your points. It also forces you to take a closer look at how well you understand the show. You will quickly find gaps in your knowledge of the plot and the overarching character arcs as you try to write about them for someone else. 


    • Talk About the Target Audience


    Every show is aiming at a specific audience, and even the most popular ones naturally won’t appeal to everyone. Who’s the target audience for your favorite TV show? At the very least you can say it’s you, since you love it. But can you really break down what makes it so perfect for you? What is it about the show that draws you to it? Could it be the fantasy or science fiction angle? Could it be that you like the drama, or the cast, or the format of the show, or the plot twists? This section will force you to dig into what makes you tick and what kinds of shows you like. If you can step outside of yourself and view yourself from a third-person perspective, you can come up with a profile that accurately describes the target audience of the show.

    TopicsMill will help you especially when it comes to writing theses for Ph. D. students. If you ever need help with your essay assignments, this and other services can help you out. They are experts in helping you tailor your essay to any target audience.


    • Talk About your Personal Evaluation of the Show


    Here you will give an honest and objective critique of the show. What did the show get right? What did it get wrong? If you had the opportunity to do so, what advice would you give the showrunners on how to improve it? This is a great opportunity to give an objective and constructive criticism of your favorite TV show; possibly the hardest part of the essay because you might have to pick out the ugly parts of your favorite show. 


    With these tips in mind, you should be able to write a brilliant essay on your favorite TV show. Make sure to use all the help you can get from experienced essay writers to make the final draft super awesome. And don’t forget to have fun.

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    Joshua Robinson is an essayist and editor. His main areas of expertise are writing, entertainment, technology, and personal development. He also loves software development and often does coding projects in his free time. 


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