Welcome to the Age of Netflix. The entertainment monster has finally drenched the most esteemed and maximum inferior spots of television and movie- from Oscar nominations to Best Picture to streaming reality series. There was a time when every fresh TV programmes and seasons were broadcasted weekly. It was tough times.

    Nowadays, wed well in the binge-watch era. New shows emerge throughout the year, from all parts of the world, and the shows very often release a complete season altogether. And just because of this reason we cannot thank Netflix enough, which drastically transformed the prototype of watching TV. If you’re a web person, then you can check this post on reviewsxp and check out further choices of web series from Netflix and other channels as well. You want the best! You got the best! 

    We have assembled ‘Top 5 Netflix Original Shows’ for geeks! From new curiosities to returning favourites, here are the most promising options to add to your schedule. Read on.




    What else can be said about this Netflix original show that hasn’t been said already? This is the crown-jewel in Netflix’s bid to make a show with a huge audience. Therefore it had to be in the ‘Top 5 Shows’ list.

    Stranger Things is a brilliant homage to the era of the 80s. This throwback sci-fi series set the world ablaze in the summer of 2016. It ignited a bonfire of nostalgia while simultaneously telling a gripping story that gets more exciting with each episode. The story revolves in the 1980s in a small town named Indiana, a group of friends, a missing person and a dodgy lab full of mad scientists who experimented on children and opened a doorway to a nightmare dimension dubbed ‘The UpsideDown’ – the other world which replete with dreadful monsters and demons simply itching to get at you. Not only that, there’s also enoughroom for teenage romance and more.It’s like all the disquieting-but-addicting horror, distilled into one breath-taking and macabre series.

    The entire cast is tremendous but the young leads do steal the show! The third season hit last year and it was fabulous, and every succeeding set of episodes just heightens your thrill in these kids’ stories and friendships. The fourth season has been confirmed, but there’s no word on its release date yet. The terrific execution across the board makes this a must-watch! 




    In love with the fantasy-world? And craving to watch more of them? Then, this is your show! Netflix’s, The Witcher, is a series broadly similar to its lead character: intense, robust, arduous and not keen on describing a damn thing. Right! What drives the realm of ‘The Witcher’ fascinating is that the Continent is filled with standard delusional genus — elves and dwarves and other such things— but long time ago, an occasion known as the Conjunction of Spheres drove its world into proximity with other worlds where entities of myth dwelled. So you’ve got werewolves and vampires. Besides, there is also fantasy stuff such as grumpkinsand faeries, in addition to lesser-known species taken from Slavic myth. And there’s magic too!Yup! You heard me right! Witchers are potential of using basic magic. But TheWitcher is also involved with sorceresses, who, much similar to Witchers, go through severe attempts to turn into what they actually are. This holds an immen series of tension in Witcher storyline, which are broadly based on communal castaways. Hands down, this is a show to look out for!




    This web series is one of the finest of Netflix’s original offerings and it quickly solidified itself as one of its most engrossing and definitive. But it’s not for all categories of audience since it’s quite dark and spine-chilling. A period piece with no corsets or lofty accents, you say? This Netflix original is set in the 1970s and is developed on the roots of true behavioural science unit in the FBI used to scrutinize serial killers in the 1970s and 80s.  Their aim is to analyze how they analyze and then utilize that information to solve on going or pending cases. This is not your typical weekly crime procedural. It’s anenticing inquest into the origins of what presently appears commonplace, a science that has stimulate dumpteen numbers of police procedurals. This psychological thriller reflects rich, textured storyline that will get under your skin and stick there. The series has been put on hold, so there’s no word on when or if a new season will be released.




    The early years of the current English monarch? Sounds great? We are acutely conscious of this popular show! Seriously, don’t miss out on this brilliant series: it’s a marvellous character drama that wraps in myriads of historical facts and a genuine and exuberantly good narrative. Post-WWII, Britain was thrown after the unexpected demise of the king, resulting to the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, who rule still today.

     ‘The Crown’ is the fictitious retelling of her ascendancy to the throne; the different phases of her life and how her family and the English government dealt along the way and thereafter. It’s told with one decade passing per season. It’s an unexpectedly full-throated examination of Britain’s public affairs, and its public figures’ private ones, indicates that ‘TheCrown’ is yet exploring the true extent of its powers. The production spared no expense in meticulouslyre building the physical environments and rigid protocols that constrained and defined the royal family. This series will appeal to anyone who enjoys costume drama. Definitely Netflix’s best choice of escapism!




    What do you gain when you drop Cillian Murphy and Tom Hardy on the screen together? The Dark Knight Fanfic comes alive? Oh yes! But i was referring to the incredible Peaky Blinders.  This gripping crime drama is nearly the UK equivalent of HBO’s Boardwalk Empire and worthy checking out for the comparison alone. Set in 1919, the series involves British gangsters, and bootlegging and gambling. This brilliant series bags its name from a specific street gang who took hold of Birmingham, right after the Great War. This masterpiece captures an aeon that barely gives much screen time, and you will surely love what kicks off in this historical gangster master class. It’s addictive, fierce, and intense as hell. Prepare to binge-watch the entire thing!


    Hope, you have enjoyed reading this. So, don’t wait further, grab your popcorn, make yourself cosy and start binge-watching on Netflix!


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