Keylogger for Windows: How Does It Work, And Ways You Can Get It


    Are you well aware of a Keylogger for windows? Do you know what the types of Keyloggers are? Do you have any idea about the working of it? Here, you will clear a lot of questions that you are having about Keyloggers.

    A keylogger is a software or hardware device that records users’ activities on a computer. Typically the recordings made by the keylogger software are stored inside the computer, and the data stored by the hardware keyloggers remain inside the hardware devices. 

    Hardware keyloggers can take the particular form of keyboards or small adapters between the keyboard cable and the computer.

    Keyloggers record keystrokes typed by users within applications and Web pages. Many also record images from computer monitors, addresses of websites visited by users, programs run by users, and other types of information. 

    The logs or reports in a generation show the use of the computer by users at all times. Like any technology, keyloggers have purposeful use and detrimental use. For example, as a positive use, keyloggers can be used by parents to monitor their children’s activity on their home computers continually.

    What are the Types of Keyloggers?

    The hardware type keylogger is generally a microelectronic device with a cable. It is similar in appearance to an extension, to be in joining between the keyboard cable and the PC, which manages to store and store all passwords and any passwords in a text file. It can also save any other data, such as web addresses, typed on the keyboard.

     The software variety of Keylogger, on the other hand, is a spy or “sniffer” software installed on the computer and able to find out and store the functions carried out with the PC in a log file, hiding from the user, for example seeking the video screens, emails, credit card numbers, and so on. 

    Keylogger software is often installed, unbeknownst to the user. It can come through worms or Trojans received through the Internet. Also through which remain running on the PC precisely to capture all the keystrokes (passwords, sensitive data, credit card numbers, identities, etc.) that occur on the keyboard. Hence, it records them and then sends them to a remote spy computer, ready to be decoded and used later.

    How does Keylogger work?

    Now since we know that there are two categories of Keyloggers, both of these keyloggers have a different working ability. Here you will get a closer look at them.  

    Working of Hardware Keylogger

    Hardware ones are independent of the Operating System, do not require the installation of any software, and are easy to use.

    They are small devices, similar to a pen drive or a USB adapter. They have to be present in the USB port of the computer where the keyboard is connected. It is between a keyboard and a laptop. They are difficult to recognize, as they appear to be USB adapters or extension cables. Furthermore, no antivirus or antimalware software can detect them.

    This type of Keylogger is compatible with most of the keyboards on the market. Also, some also with barcode readers.

    As soon as they are in the connection between the computer and the keyboard, they begin to record everything that is present and what they capture, save it on a log file inside the device.

    To recover what has been there, you will have to improve the device, connect it to any computer, and by typing a particular combination of keys, you will be able to take notes of the contents of the file.

    Some hardware keyloggers have a wifi connection. As a result, you won’t even need to remove it from the PC, where it is present to read what it has captured. It is sufficient to be nearby and, merely using a smartphone. You can access the small device via wifi and recover the log file.

    Working Of a Software Keylogger

    Compared to hardware, being readily available, they are much more in use. They are often under installation on the victim’s computer through particular files that contain malware.

    Compared to hardware, it is dependent on the operating system, and to install it, you must have access to the device.

    When you do not have access to the machine, to be able to install it, you send the victim a vector file containing the malware, and through social engineering or fishing techniques, you are in pressure to open it.

    For example, it has happened that in particular investigations, some prosecutors have ordered the occult installation, on the phones of the persons under investigation, of spy software. An ad hoc message was used and sent to the victim by the telephone operator to convince the victim to open the vector file.

    Of course, as you will have understood, keyloggers can also be used on smartphones and tablets and not only on computers. But they are integrated into spy software like MSpy, FlexySpy, or Hoverwatch.

    How can you get it?

    Now, if you are considering the ways by which you can get a Keylogger, it depends. It depends on the choice that you want hardware or software Keylogger.

    If you want hardware Keylogger, you can get it on numerous online stores, and you can order one according to your preference.

    If you are seeking for software Keylogger, you can visit numerous online platforms where you can download the one which you think suits your requirement. Therefore, in this manner, getting a Keylogger is quite an effortless task.


    Generally, keyloggers work invisibly to computer users who are therefore not aware that their activities on the PC are under monitoring. Free keylogger software and trial keylogger software are exceptions to this rule since most of them point out their presence through pop-ups or icons on the computer screen or inside the system itself.

    Keystroke logging or better known as Keylogger is a surveillance software or hardware, aimed at capturing the information typed by the keyboard. Therefore, these are the essential things that you must know about a Keylogger.


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