The United States of America has temporarily suspended foreign immigration


    The United States of America has temporarily suspended immigration for foreign immigration in the country as to protect the rights of the citizens as the pandemic has taken almost 43,000 deaths and every 4 person dying due to CVOID-is an American and this will not only protect the economy but also protect the jobs in America

    Trump announced this on Monday as the White House argues over the matter

    In the last four weeks about more than 20millionpeople have claimed to be jobless.

     Last month the US suspended all visa processing because of the pandemic as trump called this virus as an unknown enemy

    The citizens of America are protesting of roads of New York and New Jersey which is also the economic capital of the country and the highest infected area that people want to work despite the ongoing pandemic and they don’t want to be in lockdown.

    Which is now a serious issue for the government to solve. People have gathered to protest without following the rules of social distancing and any sanitation process hence have increased the chances of infection

    According to the New York Times – a formal order temporarily barring the provisions of new visas and green cards could be one way to implement the measure.

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    The administration would no longer approve any foreign national to work and stay in the country

    In recent weeks, emergency services have been used to repel thousands of undocumented migrants

    While Southern California has allowed a few departmental stores to reopen, the rest is locked until May

    Georgia has also allowed gyms, hairdressers, tattooists, and restaurants to reopen in favor of the people with social distancing guidelines.

    While America is facing an election in November 2020, Trump has also addressed the citizens who are protesting against the social distancing that these people want to work for their country.

    the huge commotion going on in America has led the world to believe the chaos America is in. the economy in America has reduced its lowest in the course of 50 years   
    Trump claims to have chosen American citizens over the rest of the world s this would reduce the competition faced by the people and temporarily establishes the disputed situation in the country.


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