On Tuesday, US President Trump halted its funding to the World health organization. They claimed that the organization took late actions even after knowing that an epidemic has started spreading.

    Trump accused the organization of favoring China(1) and trying to save China from criticism, as the epidemic was the epicenter and spread from Wuhan of the Hubei province. Due to which public health across the globe is risked.

     US has started to be strict against WHO. As a total number of infected personals increase to over 2.2 million and worldwide death toll raised to around 150,000. Many see the US’s behaviour as a tool to shift the attention from their faults. Which have to lead them to a situation where they have over 6 million infected ones(2).

    WHO’s mismanagement towards public health:

     Officials also quoted that even in the 2014 Ebola breakout in West Indies WHO was unable to perform as per the requirement. And many of the UN organizations have problems in them which are no longer a secret now. But it’s not the time to play such blame games.

     As the US is the highest donor to WHO’s fund, contributing about 400 million dollars, which is about 15% of its budget. United Nations Secretary-general said that it is not a time to reduce resources. On the contrary, Trump said that they need it more than anyone else at this time.

     Many Presidents such as Australian President Scott Morrison supported the US’s steps. That not only this but WHO should also resist the Chinese government in reopening the wet markets. Which are accused to spread the novel virus?


     Relief fund grant to Americans:

     Further, to overcome their past mistakes of not imposing the lockdown early. Trump’s government has now announced to send 500 billion dollars as relief funds directly to Americans. According to Munching, these funds will be subdivided into two categories. First would be that adults will be given $1000 whereas kids will be given $500 each.

     These were necessary steps taken by the government as jobless claims and the number of infections or casualties are expanding. Munchin also said that if after some weeks President still felt national emergency then another relief fund would be delivered.

    Live worldwide coronavirus update

    Health/Economy Balance:

     After all these, the global economy is expected to decline by 3%. Which may be the steepest downfall after the Great depression. Chinese airlines reported an estimated loss of $4.8 billion in this quarter. Airlines are most hard struck as international borders are closed and lockdown is


     Other countries such as New Zealand have applied a strict lockdown, resulting in a very less number of fresh cases and death. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced that all of her ministers and she will donate their 20% salary for the next 6 months.


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