Air Pod 3: Launch date, price, charging, and other features! Is it waterproof? All updates!


    If we talk about gadgets, then one company or brand comes into our mind for sure, and that is Apple. Apple is best at delivering the best of gadgets and best of all features in its gadgets. Whether it is about phones or about earphones, everything is so reliable about Apple. One of the gadgets that users are waiting to get launched is Air Pod 3 of Apple. So when are we getting it?

    Air Pod 3 of Apple is recently in the news regarding its arrival or in the progress of the launch. Well, nothing is so much directly announced officially by Apple. It’s been three years that we have got the first model of Apple Airpod. The users loved it so much that makers decided to have another upgraded model of it. So in 2019, Airpod 2 came, which was followed by Air Pods Pro. When it comes to the actual release date and features of Air Pod 3, we will discuss it now.

    The features of Air Pod 3

    There are a lot of features that this new model will have, some will be the upgraded version of old features, and some will be new. We all know that these Air Pods are actually wireless earphones. The new thing that we will be getting is the reduction of background noise, which is the best thing for users. It will have more talk time feature.

    There are some upgraded features in the hardware, like new chip for sure and long battery life. Battery life becomes the biggest problem for users, but this Air Pod will give them some relief in better battery life as it will have a long battery life. It will definitely have a wireless charging case as the earlier Air pods had. When it comes to color, then it will have only white for now.

    The name of Air Pod 3

    Well, as this gadget will be the third upgraded version of Air Pod, so most probably it will be named just as Air Pod. But there are some chances of another name as well, like Air Pods Pro Lite or just Air Pods Lite.

    The launch date and price of Air Pod 3

    The first Air Pod launched somewhere in 2017 and then it was followed by the Air Pod 3 in 2019. When it comes to this gadget, then we might expect it to be launched in late 2021 or early 2022 with the price money of $150. There are some speculations that we might get Air Pod 3 with the Air Pod Power Charging Mat.

    Other features of Air Pod 3

    The other features of Air Pod 3 are also something that makes it unique from others. It will be waterproof and sweatproof as well. It means it will be totally a gym friendly ear pods. One can use it while exercising and while swimming.

    According to some rumors, it was said that Jon Prosser suggested the shipping of Air Pods, but we still don’t know whether it is true or not.