Al Pacino’s Tony Montana Killer in SCARFACE, Geno Silva Dead At 72


    The Skull from 1983 Brian De Palma’s Scarface starring Al Pacino has recently died due to underlying disease. The Skull (real name Geno Silva) was 72 years old when he loses his breath.

    Silva’s family announced that the actor reportedly died on May 9 after suffering from incurable complications from front temporal degeneration. The degeneration is a kind of dementia that the actor has been suffering for the last 15 years. The actor’s family and loved ones were at his house during his final moments in Los Angeles.

    Although Silva has appeared in popular movies like F. Gary Gray’s A Man Apart, Luis Valdez’s Zoot Suit, and David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive, his notable and best performance is from 1983 Scarface. He portrayed the character of a hitman who kills Al Pacino’s Tony Montana in the climax of the movie. The Skull didn’t utter a single word before shooting drug lord Tony Montana from the back with his shotgun.

    Steven Spielberg’s Amistad actor was active in the cinematic industry for four decades-long. Silva has also appeared in various television shows as both the main cast and recurring cast. While he appeared in one or two episodes in dramas like Miami Vice, Star Trek: Enterprise, and Street Blues, he was a series regular in Fox drama Key West.

    The Skull is regarded as the best hitman and henchman in movie history. Silva’s character was even ranked 7 in the same category. Geno Silva was survived by his wife, Pamela, his daughter Lucia and his grandchildren Eva and Levon.

    He even appeared in The Merchant of Venice, a stage produced by Peter Sellars, with Philip Seymour Hoffman and John Ortiz. Later, Silva and Ortiz worked-off Broadway, which was written by Jose Rivera and entitled Sueño. Laura Furino reported that Silva was a gentle guy and a caring person who was also a great photographer.