American Singer Ciara Reveal the Gender of “Baby No. 3” With Husband Russell Wilson and It’s Adorable! Watch the Video Here!


    After being a mother of two beautiful children, American singer-songwriter Ciara is now expecting her third child!

    Three months ago, Ciara took on her Instagram handle to announce the arrival of a new member to their family. Flaunting her baby bump on a beach-side, she posted her pic with the caption “Number 3.”

    The 34-year-old model is married to NFL player Russell Wilson and had a daughter with him earlier in 2017. She had her first child, a boy, in 2014 with the American rapper Future, her ex-fiancé.

    But the thing that has made the whole internet go crazy over is the recent stay-at-home baby gender reveal the family threw on April 14, 2020.

    The Day of the Gender Reveal!

    On a warm sunny day, Ciara and her family went outside in their backyard to throw a small gender reveal for their baby. She later uploaded the video on Instagram with fans and friends pouring their love in for the couple.

    And…. It’s A BOY!

    Yes! The Wilsons are all set to welcome another baby boy in their family soon. In the video, Ciara first asked her children about what they want the gender of their upcoming sibling to be. With her son wishing for it to be a boy and her daughter counting on a girl, the couple blew the party poppers by saying, “Whatever God has for us”. The sky was then covered with blue-colored smoke as the family got to know that they were having a baby boy! Watch the video, it’ll definitely cheer up your mood.

    The best part about the video was how they reacted to it. While the kids jumped around, Ciara was seen doing some hilarious moves, feeling elated about the reveal. Their happiness and joy were immeasurable and highly precious.

    Both Ciara and Russell have been seen talking on multiple occasions about having a big family and how they love being proud parents. The palpable bond they share with each other is evident from all the frequent social media appearances they make.

    We hope that they may achieve the family of their dreams soon. We also wish for Ciara’s well-being as being a mother is a difficult task, and so is to carry a baby in these hard times of a worldwide pandemic.


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