Apple Watch 6: Display, Model, Launch Date and Features. What is the price of Apple Watch 6?


    Apple is one of the biggest brands in the world in terms of gadgets. Apple is such a label that never fails to disappoint us, and getting this label in hand is everyone’s desire. Apple has a lot of gadgets section, from phone to watch. Recently apple is surrounded by the news of a new model of a watch, that is, Apple Watch 6.

    Apple Watch 6 is the new model of the Apple Watch. It will have a lot of features that every watch has and also will have some new features that are found very rarely in any gadgets. It has great battery life and wireless antennas to the strap, which is very rare to found in any watch. And due to this, it would be very expensive when it comes to the replacement of the strap.

    The launch date of Apple Watch 6

    The buyers are really very excited about this new model of watch. It was said that we are going to get this model with the release of the iPhone 12. So we can say that we are going to get this watch somewhere in September or in late 2020. But the date is still not clear due to the problems created by Coronavirus Pandemic.

    The new features regarding health care in Apple Watch 6

    Apple Watch 6 is going to be the mini caretaker of the health for the user because it has a lot of features that can detect our health. It has mental health tracking capabilities. It has a heart rate monitoring, which will warn the user towards the risk of any cardiac attack. It also has a blood oxygen level tracker.

    The display of Apple Watch 6

    Many people wanted the screen to be round, but it seems to be quite impossible as we are not getting around display this time. The display would definitely be square. Unlike Apple Watch 5, which has an OLED screen, we are getting microLED in Apple Watch 6. On display, there will be a fingerprint scanner.

    Other features of Apple Watch 6

    The overall look of the new model looks like the previous one. There will be third-party sleep tracking apps in the watch. The watch will help to contact the emergency situation while you are drowning. The watch is waterproof and can work up to 50 meters in the depth of water. It has all wireless connections. When it comes to battery life, then it can run 2 to 3 days of life in one full charge.

    The overall quality of Apple Watch 6 is really good, and it is worth the price. The price of this model is $399.


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