Are we getting Season 2 for “Solo leveling” ? Know about the Release Date and everything you need to know!!!!


    The South Korean based Web novel written by Chi-Gong has become a recent favorite of the anime lovers since it’s adaption into an Anime series. The novel is published by D&C Media, and theanine adaption is managed by Kakaopage.

    The anime made its debut on March 4, 2018, till March 19, 2020. Fans are already giving it all the love and appreciation. Jang Sung – rak has made an exemplary illustration of the Webtoon. Which intricately binds the characters and the storyline together.

    Background of Solo Leveling 

    Solo leveling is an action-based fantasy series. It revolves around an inter-dimensional portal giving rise to dangerous monsters and creatures destroying human life. To fight them, a group of people called hunters are assisted because of their acquired natural powers. And we are also introduced to our protagonist Sung-jin-wo who belongs to one of them, but he is the weakest of all.

    Being constantly called out and being bullied for his powers, Sung-jin-woo is constantly neglected. But later in the series, we see his ultimate power and transformation. When one day, his fellow hunters, including him, gets trapped in a deep dungeon. They were almost hit my death but survived. Anticipating the danger that lies ahead, Sung-jin-woo changes himself. And takes us on a journey of his struggle and hard work to accomplish his goals. Will his aim to become one of the most powerful hunters become true?? But for that, we need to know will we have the second season?

    Release Date of Solo Leveling 2

    No official announcement has been made yet about the renewal of the series. According to some sources, it will premiere in July 2020, but it seems vague information since the global pandemic has been holding every bit of production and other important projects.

    During this time, it is impossible to make any statement or even anticipate anything. But if everything thing goes fine and if the situations permit. We may get the second installment until the end of 2020. Let’s hope for the best and stay tuned with us for more updates!


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