Are we getting Season for Attack on Titan? Will it be the final season? Know about the latest updates!!!!!!!!


    The most awaited and popular Anime series Attack on Titan is soon returning with its fourth installment. The anime is popularly known as Shingeki no Kyojin in Japan. It was not only appreciated within its premises but also grabbed the response of people overseas. The anime series is an adaption of the manga series of the same name. It is written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama.

    Attack on Titans generated the wave of Anime culture to the next level. When the anime series was first released back in 2013, even the people who weren’t involved or interested was lured by the beauty of its storyline and characters—thus making it a global achievement. After so much love from fans, the series is returning. When are we getting Season 4?

    Attack on Titan Season 4 Release Date(bummer!!) 

    The glorious and lionized battle between Eren and Reiner almost got us in an adrenaline rush. And also a new mystery to be continued in season 4. As per the announcement, the fourth season will premiere in October 2020. For those of all who don’t know, it’s a bittersweet truth, but it is going to be the finale season.

    After giving us back to back three seasons, it’s a remorse feeling—the second season consisting of 12 episodes aired from April to June 2017. And the third season consisting of 22 episodes, was divided into two parts, which aired from July to October 2018 and from April to July 2019.

    But the main concern after the confirmation of finale remains, will the series serve us all with a fulfilling conclusion?

    Background of the Anime Series “Attack on Titan”

    The anime series is set in the dark post-apocalyptic situation surrounding a past that has made humans skeptical about themselves. The story dates back about 2000 years ago when a young lady makes a pact with the devil. She becomes the first humanoid giant with excessive strength and dark powers.

    This creature later came to be as Titans. Further, their hereditary was carried forward generations after generations, which lead to the ultimate endangerment of the human species. To protect themselves, the humans live within the territories surrounded by three gigantic wall barriers that protect them from the man-eaters (Titans).

    The protagonist of the story, Eren, along with his squad, sets out on a journey to divulge the dark secrets. And to kill the Titans threatening the world and humans.

    Attack on Titan Season 4 Plot 

    The plot of Attack on Titan Season 4 has to be one of the difficult ones to form any theory. Because the manga series is still on the run, and also keep in mind that this season will mark the finale. With so much work and less time, the plot of season 4 is uncertain.

    The ending of season 3 clearly gives us greenlight and some hints for the upcoming storyline. The season led to the revelation of Eren’s basement and unfolded many mysteries. But there still lies some unanswered questions which need to be discussed in season 4.

    So stay tuned with us for more updates!



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