Are we going to have a second season for Goblin Slayer?? How excited are the animes fans at the sight of the sequel?? Know all fan reactions here!!


    Anime has been able to become quite famous with their plots and characters, which are pretty amazing, but there are certain series that have their fair share of bad reviews, and one of them is “Goblin Slayer.” This series, for some, is one of the best RPG anime, and for some, it’s just a copy of the classic dungeon game ” DOOM.”

    What’s so bad about this one?

    The anime series was able to come up as a dark fantasy light novel by Kumo Kagyu. At first, this one was able to come up as a manga and later was able to convert into anime in 2018.

    The series is quite controversial, and fans pretty much hate it. So, let’s try to find out whether this series is going to have a second season or not?

    The story of the series is that there is a Demon Lord who every ten years come on Earth with his army of demons and creates havoc on Earth. After passing a certain village where the villain was able to destroy everything. In that village, We had the Goblin Slayer.

    The Plot and Controversy of Goblin Slayer Season 2!!

    The Goblin Slayer, after witnessing the massacre, has taken the oath of slashing every single demon, and he has dedicated all his life to killing them. The slayer is not alone though there are other characters who are also there like Dwarf Shaman, High Elf Archer, and others.

    The controversy is about the grotesque way of featuring all the assaults which are being taken on a team of the slayer as when they confront the demons, they ended up getting beaten up badly, and the female warrior was manhandled by the goblins.

    The sexual assault was even worse than some other animes like “Berserk.” The whole thing becomes pretty intolerable, and that’s also in the first episode didn’t go well, and even though in the later episodes the violence was a bit lessened still, there was plenty of assault there.

    The second season is something which is still unknown as the creators haven’t announced anything and who is coming, so regarding the cast, there is also no update, and since nothing has started, its trailer also needs a lot of time to come on YouTube.