Are we going to have The Last Of Us 2 anytime soon or will it be rescheduled again? All latest news about the show is here!!


    Those who love and live to play games and love to throw themselves in the digital realms, for them, it’s wonderful news as we have information on one of the most awaited gaming sequels of all-time, and that is “The Last Of Us 2″.

    This one is the sequel of ” The Last Of Us,” where Ellie was protected by Joel and pain the sequel, Joel is dead, and now it all comes down to Ellie to survive and the upcoming season will show us, Ellie with more strength and will.

    What’s waiting for us in The Last Of Us 2??

    Even the creators are promising that the game is going to be pretty different from the previous one with more excitement and adventure around the corner. The trailer of the game released only after some fans were able to leak the game with the gameplay of the whole series and many other features.

    After a lot of delays and reschedule due to the pandemic, the game is supposed to be released on June 19, 2020. The whole story is at shambles with still no update on Joel, and even after visiting her father, there is still no answer.

    Updated Features of The Last Of Us 2!!

    The whole thing is going to be pretty impulsive, and the cast for the gaming series is going to remain the same. Naughty Dogs and Sony E3 production has been able to create a sequel, which is one of it’s kind. This time the gameplay is going to be much smoother than the previous one with PS4 and PS4 pro.

    With that, there are new features with Ellie; you will be able to reach new physical limits with attacks to be getting faster and accurate. The other new features are still didn’t revealed by gaming production.

    The trailer for the sequel has been released, and it’s looking pretty awesome with each and every part of the game is going to make you ask more questions on many parts. So to get the answer to those questions, you need to wait for June 19.