Battlefield VI: Release Date and Platform. Are we getting Battlefield VI on PS 5? Everything you should know!


    Video games are something that totally explores us in a fun way, and of course, it deviates our mind from the activities that are disturbing us. The situation in which we are living is totally disturbing, and if we want to deviate from our minds, then video games could be the biggest help.

    If we talk about games, then one of the best games is Battlefield. Recently Battlefield is in the news because of its new version. So is it true that we are getting a new version?

    The Battlefield is a video game that is entertaining gamers since 2002. It was first started on Microsoft Windows and now came at Playstation. The game is developed by EA DICE, or we can say that originally published by EA, whom we call Electronic Arts. The game was also published by Electronic Arts. The creator of this game is Johan Persson. Recently game came in the news regarding the new version, that is Battlefield VI, so are we getting it? Let figure it out.

    Battlefield VI

    The release date of Battlefield VI 

    The Battlefield was first ever launched in 2002 with the version named as Battlefield 1942 on 10 September 2020. Since then, many versions came. The latest version that we have got was Battlefield V that came on 20 November 2018. When it comes to the new version, that is Battlefield V; then, we can’t expect it for now. It will take some time, at least two years. According to Electronic Arts, the new version will definitely “blow people’s minds.”

    The latest news that we have got related to Battlefield VI is by the Blake Jorgensen from Electronic Arts, who said: “We expect live services to continue to drive growth with fiscal 2021and for growth to accelerate in fiscal 2022 by a new Battlefield“.

    Electronic Arts also said that Battlefield 6 is happening for sure, but it will definitely take some time at least two years. So overall, we can say that we will be getting Battlefield VI somewhere in March 2022.

    The platform of Battlefield VI

    The Battlefield is actually a first-person shooter game that is online for multiplayer. If we get Battlefield in 2022, then we can expect it to release not in Playstation 4 because, at that time, we will have PlayStation 5. So Battlefield V will be releasing on Playstation 5 and on the new series of Xbox, which is Xbox X series.

    The CEO of the Electronic Arts revealed that we would soon be getting the new version. So let’s wait for further news from Electronic Arts.