Bayonetta 3: Release Date, Game Details, Expectations and Everything else you need to know!


    Bayonetta is an action-adventure hack and slashes video game. It is developed by Platinum Games and developed by Sega. The witch queen Bayonetta is coming back with its third installment with Bayonetta 3. The game was first released in the year 2009. And it’s the first sequel released in 2014. So after a long break of 6 years, She’s back again.

    Bayonetta 3 Release Date

    Bayonetta 3 was first introduced in 2017 in Nintendo. But back in 2018, the first and the second part of the game were remastered for PS4. And in February 2020 on Xbox One. So it is easily available for everyone now. But as for part 3, it was initially going to release in 2019 but got delayed. And now no one knows when it will release.

    In February 2020, Series director Hideki Kamiya said the game is “progressing smoothly.” But said nothing about the release. But we are hoping it would release as early as 2021. A teaser for Bayonetta 3 was released in 2017, which hyped the fans a lot. And they are getting impatient.

    Bayonetta 3 Expectations

    It would be even more interesting if new characters are added to the game. Bayonetta 3 would be even better if we could play as some other character other than only her like Jeanna, Rosa, or Loki. Incorporating new weapons and new combinations for groundwork would be interesting for part 3 although the game is already a fan-favorite.

    So adding a few more extra details would be enough to hype the fans for the third sequel. They can even add more classic old songs as soundtracks. So not much is needed to excite the fans, only maybe something extra. So the only news the fans want to hear is the announcement of the release date.


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