Bill &Ted 3 is finally coming back!!!!! Know about the Release Date and latest updates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Finally!!! after a quarter-century, the best comedy ever Sci-fi film series is all set to premiere on the big screen again. Our eyes will be blessed again to witness the coolest and iconic duo of the era. The metal head slacker Ted played by Keanu Reeves and Bill played by Alex winter. No wonder this movie covers everything that is essential for entertainment.

    Bill & Ted first made its appearance by the name Bil & Ted’s Excellent Adventure back into 1989. No wonder the film got an enormous response from fans because it’s an intricating and adventurous storyline with a pinch of comedy as well. The film followed a sequel Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey in 1991. And now we are getting a third sequel Bill & Ted Face the Music. So when is will the film premiere?

    Bill & Ted Face the Music Release Date

    Since 2010 there have been attempts towards developing and writing scripts for the film. It took almost forever and no wonder we thought that the film is long lost. But thanks to the team, it is actually happening.

    The film started. It was already operating on July 1, 2019. Earlier, the film was delayed due to issues regarding the distributor. But now they have moved past this, and the movie currently stated to be released on August 21, 2020.

    What will be the third sequel all about?

    Earlier in the film received two metalhead youngsters named Ted and Bill find themselves in a dilemma. To choose their musical band or high school. When they are almost on the verge of failing their high school, but their life gets twisted when they travel back through. To witness the historical events taking place to pass their high school and to save their band from splitting. Unresolved about the future that their music will become a source of Utopian society.

    In the second sequel, Bogus Journey, we are introduced to the evil resident of Utopia named Chuck De Nomolos. Furious about Ted and Bill, he sends someone to kill them. But things don’t work out as planned.


    In the new 2020 sequel, it is rumored that the duo will be a middle-aged having their own family. But they are still hoping to achieve their music career.



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