Camila Cabello is a RACIST, Took Years to Acknowledged Her Fault; Normani Disappointed With Her


    Camila Cabello is one of the most treasured artists in the current time for her brilliant songs and astounding voice. But recently, the singer-songwriter has found herself in the midst of hatred and came under fire for a slew after her offensive Tumblr posts emerged online.

    The offensive posts included racial slurs and derogatory memes in her personal Tumblr from 2012 and 2013. Soon after the since-deleted posts resurfaced online, she took Twitter to post and public apology and claimed that she was ashamed of the childish act. She also wrote that she was highly embarrassed after understanding the meaning of those posts because, at that time, the 14-year-old Camila was uneducated and ignorant.

    The Havana hit-maker further wrote that she doesn’t have any ill intentions to hurt anyone, and she regrets that silly act from the bottom of her heart. The Tumblr posts and derogatory memes posted by the then 14-year-old singer were based on N-word, ghetto fabulous, and few other careless stereotypes.

    Camila apologized for her past mistakes, but her former bandmate, Normani, is still disappointed with Cabello’s belated response in the racism controversy. Racists have frequently targeted Normani, and she is always struggling in talking about these kinds of stuff. Normani has ever thought her Fifth Harmony group to be safe heaven and a sisterhood. She was disgusted that such a racist topic came out from the same place.

    She slammed that it took Cabello years to take on responsibility for her past unhealthy mistakes. As a matter of fact, Cabello responded just because the racial posts surfaced online, if it hadn’t emerged, she might not have addressed still. She further added that she would defend her sisters in a single heartbeat, but she was devastated after Cabello took days to acknowledge what Normani had been dealing with online.

    Normani also mentioned that everyone deserves an opportunity for personal growth and hoped that she would never have to speak on this stuff again.


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