Cells at Work! Season 2: Release Date, Characters and all the latest updates are here!


    Cells at Work! – The comedy anime series that is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Akane Shimizu is set to be back with another season – Season 2. The Manga series first published in 2015 and, to this day, is being released with new volumes. David Production adapted it for a television anime series.

    The series premiered with the first season comprising of thirteen episodes in 2018. It became an instant hit and was well received by the fans, and since then, the fans await another season. A second season was recently confirmed, and here is everything you need to know about it…

    Cells at Work! Season 2 Release Date

    The first season released in July 2018 and aired till September of the same year. Fans waited to see more of the show and to much delight of everyone, a special episode named Cells at Work! : Cold syndrome came out on 27 December 2018. The first season even had several spin-offs.

    Last year in March, the official account of the show officially announced the show’s revival for a second season. Although no release date has been declared yet, if the previous patterns of release get followed, the forthcoming season can be out by 2021. As the current situation makes everything uncertain, stay tuned for further updates!

    Cells at Work! Season 2 Characters

    The series features the cells of the body, and the two main protagonists are the Erythrocyte –  red blood cells (AE3803) and the Neutrophil – white blood cells (U1146). The major characters for the show tend to remain the same, including the return of Killer T Cell, Macrophage or Monocyte, Platelet, Helper T Cell, and Regulatory T Cell voiced by various artists both in Japanese and in English.

    Cells at Work! Season 2 Plot

    The show has a fascinating premise as the plot is much biological in nature dealing with the functioning of the body at the cellular level. The story takes the audience inside the body of an anonymous person and sets the premise on various types of cells and their functions in the body. The show primarily depicts the functioning of red blood cells and the white blood cell as they perform the daily functions and activities of life. The show has an episodic plotline, and fans highly anticipate the upcoming season.


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