Comparium : Automated Website Testing Tool


    In today’s world, people are switching towards the internet so marketing made it most important to review your website. We all know that today Digital Marketing is spreading widely and mostly. So for digital marketing, as we all know we have to create a Website so that our marketing reaches every audience. The website is the face of our company and it also reflects our firm features. But making a website is not an easy task it makes our business helps a lot but if it is not created property then it also ruins business completely so while creating the website we have to follow some rules and regulations so our website works completely and runs smoothly so that no one facing any type of difficulty in using it.

    When we follow rules we can increase user’s interest and by this, there is more number of user’s come and connect with us and enhance our business and with that, we also said that when site search is posted in the engine then it can be easily found in system and android gadgets. So from this when our customer visits our website. It will function and respond perfectly and provides a great experience to visitors. For making our site perfect and proper functional without any errors we have to do the Compatibility test of our website so it reaches to audience easily without any problem. By doing this we enhance our Business we also enhance our production rates and spread the news about our brand so it helps us in increasing our sales rate also.

    Our website is functioning properly or not so we have to check the compatibility of our website and for this, we need a tool for testing the perfectness of our website. As we all know there are many options in the market but if we want to make our site best then we only have to choose the best Tool for our site and the best tool named Comparium tool.

    This tool is one of the best tools for testing the site easily without facing any problem.
    It is also known as the best website checker tool in the market. With this tool, we can also make our website malware-free so it can easily perform all functions with ease. This tool makes Testing more convenient. This tool helps to improve our company’s features and performance.

    Features Of Comparium Tool

    • Supports Multiple Browser And Platforms

    So the best feature of this tool is multiple browsers and versions. This helps us a lot because we don’t know that our client is using which browser and version. So this tool can run on any type of browser and version so this helps our customer’s a lot and increases the clients on our site.
    Another best feature is that this tool can easily run on multiple operating systems. It can test the site on different systems with very ease.

    • Offline reports

    It also offers offline reports. It helps us give the result of our test in offline mode. It means we don’t have to just wait, we just simply submit the URL and it will work further. It tests as many websites as you want so it is easier to do all with one tool.

    • Screenshot Function

    This tool also has a screenshot function in it because it is important to review again your test available at any time. So it also provides us the facility of the screenshot so it helps us to overcome the mistakes we did before and this screenshot can also be saved and secured for future references. Comparium services are more time saving and handy also.

    • Save Time

    This tool comes with two versions. The first version is without any cost it is free of cost but on the second version you have to pay But it won’t disappoint you because the service we are giving you never let you down and you don’t have to think again to buy this because our tool provides you automated service so you don’t have to spend lots of time here because businessman’s never want to waste their time.


    Comparium is revolutionary web testing tool. It automatically improves our website accuracy and removes errors from them. It grabs the reader’s attention quickly because it makes our website works smoothly so people don’t have to face any problem in its functionality. In this, all PC system is supported. The best thing is that when the testing is complete then it automatically sends the screenshot to the receipt which is designated. The services it provides are admirable. It is an awesome tool you must have tried this to make your website more functional, error-free and it also enhances the traffic at your site so directly it raises your business-level also.