Popular Video game Dead Rising 5 is coming up soon!! Know about and its series


    Dead rising is a survival video game. The genre of this Game is Beat ’em up, hack and slash. Dead rising had successfully released, its four series video game. This game is developed and published by Capcom.

    Dead rising series:

    Season 1:

    Dead rising season 1 had released in 2006. The player had to attack the enemies in the shopping mall, which are affected by zombies. The player can attack by using weapons. This game has the six times ending, which is named as F through A.It follow 72 hours system.

    Season 2:

    Dead rising two is released in 2010.

    Additional features:

    • uses Zombrex, the drug is used.
    • Advanced survivor AI
    • two players can play online; the second player will be the controller.
    • Last but not least, the player can earn money by playing in an online multi-mode in the name of Terror is reality.

    In 2017, additional advancements were made to support Xbox 360.

    Season 3:

    Dead rising three is released in 2013. After ten years of dead rising 2, a zombie outbreak happens in California. The mechanic Nick Ramos wishes to survive from the outbreak. The time system is considered in this season too.


    •    Combo weapons are improved.
    • The crafting system is expanded and by the combo vehicles.
    • The story mode is improved by eliminating the sandbox mode.
    • The second player is a controlled named Dick.

    season 4:

    Dead rising four is released in 2016. A zombie outbreak occurs in Willamette Memorial Megaplex.


    • In this season, the 72-hour system is removed.
    • Combo vehicles and weapons are improved, Camera mechanisms fro season 2 is improved.
    • There is a multiplayer mode; it was replaced by a single player.
    • It added hard and ultra-hard levels in-game; after receiving the complaint, the game is being too easy.
    • Streetfighters introduced in the game.

    No official announcement of season 5. To know more, stay connected with union journalism.


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