Dead to me Season 2 is hyping all over!! What are the things you need to know about it?? Know here!!


    The new seasons of “Dead to Me” hit Netflix!!!

    Dead to Me Season 2 Release DateChances That "Dead to Me Season 2" Will Not Be Soon On The Screen Are High: The Updates Are Intact!!!

    The new episode of season 2 of the dark comedy series has left many in shock. The new season started streaming on Netflix on May 08. It was created by Liz Feldman for Netflix back in 2019. The first season was a big hit. The series was an Emmy nominee, and Netflix renewed it for a second season. It is currently airing.

    The cast of Dead to me Season 2

    The show stars Christina Applegate as Jen Harding; she is a realtor and a recent widow along with Linda Cardellini as Judy hale. She was the one who accidentally killed Jen’s husband. James Marsden stars as Steve; he is Judy’s husband.

    The supporting cast includes Max Jenkins, Sam McCarthy, and Luke Roessler.

    The plot of Dead to me Season 2

    The plot follows Jen as she tries to investigate the person who killed her husband in a hit and run. She befriends another grief-stricken person at a griefer’s association named Judy. Unknown to Jen, Judy was the one responsible for the death of her husband, Ted.


    As the story progress, we dive deeper into the web of lies and human misery. It is shown that Judy suffered from a miscarriage, and her relationship with steve is not working out well.

    Why Lorna Had Bad Habits?

    Jen’s narcissistic mother in law had an addiction to taking pills. She even blamed Jen for the death of her son and abuses her, often. She was so unhealthy and toxic that Charlie had left her house.

    In the new season, it was revealed that Jen murdered Steve when he came to her house in the blind range. But Judy doesn’t know that.


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