Destiny 2 Outbreak Perfected Ultimate Guide: How To Get Outbreak Perfected


    Destiny 2’s Outbreak Perfected is one of the most challenging and a difficult quest that is available on the Bungie’s critically acclaimed online-only shooting game.  The quest is inspired by the original Destiny Exotic Outbreak Prime and was available to explore only in the second year of the game’s release. If you properly go through this quest guide properly, then you would know how to get an outbreak perfected.

    Bungie decided to go easy on the players this time with the returning quest, meaning the quest is arguably straightforward to complete than Destiny’s Outbreak Prime—but let’s face it, it isn’t easy. This quest is not made for the first-timers and it requires significant practice. You also can’t get your hands on outbreak perfected by flying solo. However, the first half of the game can be completed by a single player but the second half requires an experienced and dedicated team to outrun the cryptic timed and stimulating quest.

    About Outbreak Perfected

    The difficulty of the quest is undoubtedly a worthy quest to get an outbreak perfected—because this pulse rifle is a beast. This machine is one of the few true machines that can withstand fierce and tankier enemies. The main specialty of the machine is that it generates SIVA mites. SIVA mites are responsible for increasing the damage outputs intensely that no other machine possibly can. The machine is pure class and we couldn’t hold ourselves to share how to get outbreak perfected.

    Kicking of the quest

    It has been said—it is, indeed a challenging quest to complete with a heck of difficulties. That means you just can’t make your way to start the Outbreak Perfected quest. Before kicking this quest off, you have to make sure that you complete the Enemy of My Enemy world quest on Titan, which roughly takes about thirty minutes if you are around the game for a significant time.

    After completing the quest, you have to head towards the Tidal Anchor. But to get to the Tidal Anchor, you need to reach Titan’s The Rig fast travel point. From the travel point, you just need to travel south across a bridge—that will take you to the destination.

    The Fallen Transponder

    The next aim is to find the key to this quest— the Fallen Transponder. You have to get past through the corridors in the Tidal Anchor and eventually, you will encounter the area equipped with various consoles and screens just right above them. You have to continue your steps to arrive near a locked door. After unlocking the door, you will find yourself in the room filled with various computer screens and monitors. [If you can’t unlock the door, it’s probably you haven’t completed the previous quest]

    The official quest on how to get outbreak perfected actually begins after having the Fallen Transponder, which is at the right side of monitors in the area.

    The Quest

    After receiving the Fallen Transponder, you have to examine the device and within the moment the device will reveal six data nodes, which is required to decode the transponder. If you have explored various places in the game’s world, this pursuit of nodes will be easy but if you haven’t don’t worry—there’s plenty of maps available online.

    These six nodes are located at the fallen-themed lost sectors, which are at two different worlds out of the game’s four worlds; the EDZ and Nessus. Out of the six nodes, four are located at the EDZ whereas two are situated on Nesuus—all within the lost sectors.

    The detailed locations of the nodes within lost sectors and how to get there is mentioned below:

    Whispered Falls Lost Sector in the EDZ [Node 1]

    After entering the lost sector in the EDZ, immediately drop down into the cavern. The node is located in the middle of the green cave, just to the right corner. The green cave can be entered in two ways.

    Atrium Lost Sector in the EDZ [Node 2]

    You have to go through the main path and get down from a rusted staircase. After getting down from the staircase, you would see a corridor that will lead you to the doorway on the left. The node is located at the end corner of the room.

    Widow’s Walk Lost Sector in the EDZ [Node 3]

    You don’t have to search a lot in this area because the node is directly behind the lost sectors’ chest. From the chest, you have to look up, where you will find a destroyed house. Climb up to the upper level of the house, and you will find your third node.

    The Drain Lost Sector in the EDZ [Node 4]

    The node in this lost sector is placed between two cargos or (boxes). To reach there, you have to follow the main path and to the cavern’s open in the left. You will see an area surrounded by the purple piece of cloth—that’s where your fourth node is placed.

    The Rift Lost Sector on Nessus [Node 5]

    You have to head straight towards the farthest freight that you will see from the left of the lost sector’s end chest. The farthest fright is hanging on the edge, and the node is inside the container.

    The Carrion Pit Lost Sector on Nessus [Node 6]

    The walls in this lost sector have some kind of flat panel screens and if you move near the wall and look underneath—there is your final node.


    Destiny 2 Zero Hour Walkthrough

    This is where the fun begins. After having all those six nodes located at two different worlds, all you have to do is head towards the farm and meet your contact. The Fallen Captain is your contact and he is located at the small underground room, and standing right in front of him and talking will commence your mission; Destiny 2 Zero Hour.

    After arriving at the Farm landing zone, you have to turn right to find the entrance of a warehouse that is in the basement. Dropdown until you reach the Captain Fallen.

    Destiny 2 Zero Hour quest is set in the old Tower with a 20-minute time limit and isn’t a solo mission. The three-player mission is centered on traveling the different locations of the old tower—the same area of your first mission of the game. Destiny 2 Zero Hour is difficult and starting a mission with power level more than 690 is strictly suggested. This quest doesn’t just have enemies, it has annoying Shanks—all equipped with solar and arc shields.

    Your fireteam mustn’t just possess ultimate gears and exotic weapons but also must have brilliant gameplay mind like understanding the gameplay, enemies’ position and strategies. Every enemy must be killed that pops up in your way to progress in Destiny 2 Zero Hour.

    You have two practice one or more time to complete the mission because it’s almost impossible to complete in one go.

    After defeating the boss—the big Fallen Captain, the mission is over and finally, you will have the most exotic weapon in the entire game, which is obviously, the Outbreak Perfected!