Did the showmakers renew the horror series Dracula for a second season? Here’s the updates on the release date, cast, and plot!


    Dracula season 1 was quite an amazing story directed by Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat. The show made its debut on January 1, 2020, and ended on January 3. Which means, it had three episodes in total in which each episode lasted till 90 minutes and the series used to be aired on BBC and Netflix. 

    The first season of Dracula had received great appreciation from fans and critics. However, is there a second season of Dracula coming up? Well, that is a question that we have now, right?

    Release date of Dracula season 2!!

    The shoemakers did not confirm or renew the show for another season. But everyone knows Dracula never really dies; he gets resurrected all the time in every old movie or book we see or reads. Therefore if the shoemakers are somehow decided to create another season, they can come up with it any way they want. 

    Moreover, if the director confirms the production of the second season by now, we may get to see it on screen in 2021 or 2022.

    Cast: Dracula season 2

    We can expect Claes Bang to return as Dracula for sure if season 2 is ever going to happen. But we cannot confirm who’s going to be back apart from him.

    At the end of the first season, we all were witnessing the death of Sister Agatha. However, there might still be a chance for her to return in the next season, as well as she is one of the powerful members of the Van Helsing family. 

    Also, we saw Jonathan Harker becoming weak and agrees to die at the hands of Dracula. So, we may not see him anymore. 

    Plot: Dracula season 2

    The third season was actually made up of a good ending for the first season, where Sister Agatha reveals Count Dracula’s fear of dying. Moreover, when she was about to hit the floor, surrendering to cancer, Dracula instantly feeds on her toxic blood, where both die. Quite romantic. Right?

    However, making and unmaking of the second season is now at the hands of the shoemakers. But, if they decide to produce it, we can definitely expect a good start to season 2.