Disney Mulan is all set to premiere with new Release Dates!!!! Know about the gossips and different fan theories!!


    Disney’s Mulan will be on the forefront as the makers announce the new release dates. After several delays and rescheduling because of the pandemic. Finally, it’s good news for all the fans as the movie is set to release on July 24, 2020.

    The global pandemic led to the complete shutdown of almost all public places except the one which is needed. And almost all the movie theaters around the world have been called down due to Covid-19. This shutdown shattered many big movies from opening. Disney’s Mulan is one of the most delayed movies amidst the Coronavirus pandemic. The movie set to release on March 27, 2020, was pushed back.

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    Is Disney Mulan taking a risk? 

    With Disney’s Mulan to make a move towards its theatrical release. The main thing that we are still not sure about is the risk taken by CEO Bob Chapek to release it in the theatres right away. We all know Disney movies are always a blockbuster collecting a gross of billion. Beauty and the beast collected a gross of $1.26 billion, followed by Alladin $989.1 million. The recent live-action movie, the Lion King, collected $543.6 million.

    Seeing these figures, we are still worried about the opening of Mulan on behalf of the CEO. But he gave a slight conclusion to this. It seems like there’s gonna be a head to head competition this time. He said, ” we’re going to get a pretty good idea of that, because there’s a competition movie that opens on the week before our film, at that point, we’re hoping that there’s some return to a semblance of normal ”.

    And if you are wondering which movie was he mentioned that will be ahead of Mulan in theatres. So don’t forget that Christopher Nolan’s action movie Tenet is set to release on July 17, 2020, by none other than the Warner Bros.

    In this context, it is a bit of a ride or dies situation for all the producers and team because the pandemic proved to be some major spoilers for all. But we hope for their success.



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