Disney’s Frozen 2 finally arriving for a DVD version – Release Date, Cast and all the latest updates!


    Frozen II, or known as Frozen 2, turned out to be a massive hit when it released in 2019. The movie successfully managed to have a huge fan base in both parts. The musical fantasy film has been produced by Walt Disney animation studios. The first film Frozen came out in 2013, and the concept of the film was so pure that a second installment was no wonder. The movie has been a significant success, and now the fans cannot wait to watch it at home together with their friends and families to truly feel the essence of this movie. So here’s all that you are curious about…

    Frozen 2 DVD Release Date

    The wait is finally over as the DVD version of the movie arrives soon. It was scheduled to arrive in March 2020, which got pushed to April due to the current conditions because of the global pandemic. Reports suggest that the movie arrives in July, but looking at the current conditions, nothing can be said for certain.

    Frozen 2 Cast and Trailer

    All the favorite stars from the first part have returned to reprise their roles, including Idina Menzel as Elsa, Kristin Bell as Anna, Santino Fontana as  Hans, Jonathan Groff as Kristoff,  Josh Gad as Olaf, Sterling K. Brown as Mattias, Evan Rachel Wood as Queen Iduna.
    The trailer was dropped a long time ago, and you can still catch up on it before the movie is out on DVD for you to enjoy.

    Frozen 2 Plot

    As we saw in the first movie that Elsa and Anna are sisters, and Elsa possesses the powers to create ice and snow. Elsa mistakenly freezes Anna’s heart when they were kids, and since then, Elsa chooses to stay away from her. When Arendelle crowning ceremony for Elsa, both sisters pick up a fight where Elsa gets out of control. Everyone considers her a monster, and so she leaves. Eventually, she returns for Anna. Meanwhile, Anna also finds the love of her life in Kristoff after Hans betrays her.

    The sequel is set to show their lives after three years. The story focusses on the development and self-realization of Elsa. She finally gets crowned as the queen, and Anna becomes the protector of the enchanted forest.
    The purity of this movie feels soothing, and fans wait to explore this with their families soon.!