Disney’s The Little Mermaid Remake confirmed? Cast, Plot and everything you need to know!


    This is a 1989 musical-animation film by Walt Disney Productions. Disney made us feel this animation into a remake, with real characters! Think about how charismatic it will be!

    This remake is directed by Rob Marshall. However, the production stopped due to t the corona pandemic. With little Mermaid, six other movies like Peter Pan and Wendy, the last duel, etc. are delayed. So the release date will have a push till the next two to three years.

    Although, the shooting was supposed to start in mid-April. But it’s not going to take place any time soon. Clearly, the health of the team is much more important to any of the members in the film-making.

    When "The Little Mermaid" Will Hit The Screens?? Other Updates On Plot And Cast Is Here!!!

    The Little Mermaid Remake – Cast

    • Ursula as Melissa McCarthy
    • Scuttle as Awkwafina
    • Ariel as Halle Bailey
    • Flounder as Jacob Tremblay
    • Prince Eric as Jonah-Hauer King
    • Sea horse as Jamika Jones
    • Sebastian as David Deegs

    The Little Mermaid Remake Plot

    Even though we are aware of the plot of the animation movie, this remake will be the same but different voices and costumes and other stuff.

    Ariel is the daughter of King Triton. He is the son of Poseidon. She lives with six elder sisters. She handovers her fins to become a human and ultimately losing her life for the love of her life, Prince Eric. The Prince rejects Ariel for another woman.

    Ariel’s one wishes to become a human, be a part of that world. Obviously, her father has an objection towards her wish, as he’s the king. He believes humans are uncivilized selfish species.

    She deals with her fins to be with Eric only to die.

    More About The Little Mermaid Remake

    Atlantic is Little Mermaid’s set. An imaginary city under the Atlantic ocean. The human world will be of Denmark to honor Hans Christian Anderson.

    The movie is a trilogy, and this remake is the first installment. Ariel will even have a daughter, Melody.

    We all are eager to watch this and hopefully will release in cinemas by the end of 2021 or start 2022.

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