More about the great never ending trip, Grand Tour season 5? Lets Deal with it Now!!


    More about the Amazon’s expensive car series hosted by top Gear trio, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May. Let’s get our seatbelts tight and all secured and gear up cause it looks like the show will be returning for another drive, and a ride packed with a lot of adventure and exploring.

    With the fourth season being aired on December 13th, 2019, it evident that the series has undergone women’s pretty significant and noticeable changes.

    New announcements, new adventures, new excitement:

    While nothing has been officially announced on any of the social media platforms about the shows further journey, the crew members have posted some messages on Instagram, which has indicated that the Grand tour is nowhere coming to an end right now. The crew members are all out there making Instagram posts, back in July, William made a post, Given only half a year has passed since the date of the position, it appears that there is still another year and half of filming left, which means fans can expect the series to go on.

    All you need to know about the fourth season:

    In the fourth season, the show saw some significant changes towards the format, it shifted from traditional top Gear style audience to something more challenging more exciting more adventurous and focused a lot more on exploring. They have stepped up from the tent studio. Even though the tent is no longer there, the tour is yet to go on. Season four is packed with members exploring various locations like Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar.

    Next destination for the trio, what’s more? 

    No information is released regarding where the tour will be heading next. It’s reported that Clarkson will be returning to the journey.