Dr Stone Season 2 Release Date And Updates Revealed! Will there be a stone war? Release Date, Trailer, Plot, All you should know


    Dr. Stone is a top-rated anime series,  where season 1 comprised of 24 episodes, and the ending took everything to a twist. With the great success of season 1, the makers are all set to drop their season 2, and the only question remaining is when?

    PLOT: Storytime:

    Three thousand seven hundred years after the mysterious flash that petrified all of the human race, a genius named Senku Ishigami wakes up to find himself in an earlier time, specifically the stone age. Senku revives everyone his friend Taiju Oki and his classmates to rebuild the civilization again by various experiments.

    Senku also revives martial artist Tsukasa Shisho who opposes his thought of civilization; this escalates into a stone war.

    What will season 2 comprise of:

    Season 1 covers everything where the characters come together to rebuild civilization after they had been struck by the light, which throws them back 3700 years. So as reported, season 2 is supposed to cover the fight between Senku and the martial artist Tsukasa. Fans can expect intense action-adventure and fun experiments from season 2.

    When will season 2 release:

    Dr. Stone is based on manga series that goes out by the same name, to which volume 1 was made as season 1 of the anime series, so now left is volume 2. Therefore, fans can expect season 2 to be out soon. Another big reason for it’s returning is the immense popularity that the anime gained in a short period where the audience liked it. The critics even appreciated the series.

    Dr. Stone season 1 was out on July 5, 2019, after it’s the release of the 24th episode, an exclusive teaser was released, which formally announced its future with season 2. Till now, no dates have been released, but it’s expected to be out by mid of 2020.